Here’s The Shocking Word Buffalo Grocery Store Shooter Said To White Victim During Massacre

The man who has been accused of a racist attack that took place at a Buffalo, New York grocery store was given several additional federal charges on Wednesday, according to a series of court documents that were obtained by Law & Crime.

According to the documents, Payton S. Gendron, only 18 years old, from Conklin, New York, is now being charged with 26 brand new counts.

“The charges include 10 allegations that Gendron committed a hate crime resulting in death, three counts of a hate crime involving bodily injury and attempt to kill, 10 counts of the use of a firearm to commit murder during and in relation to a crime of violence, and three counts of the use and discharge of a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence,” the report from Law & Crime stated.

One of the errors that we tend to make these days, thanks in large part to the hysteria and false narratives constantly pushed on us by the mainstream media, is that of overcorrection.

For so long now, the powers that be in the propaganda machines we call news networks have been beating us over the head with the message that if you are a conservative, you are a racist. We all know that’s hog manure of the highest order, but gullible folks who eat up what they are fed by CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and so on, tend to believe it’s true.

We’re so used to having to defend ourselves against charges of racism and against the narrative that our nation and its institutions are inherently racist that it can be easy forget that racism is an actual, real thing.

Racist folk still exist. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. And there are individuals who are full of hate for various groups of individuals involved in every ideological system that exists. There are racist liberals, which is something the left doesn’t want to own up to, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

An affidavit from an FBI agent details how the whole incident started, “On May 14, 2022, at approximately 2:30 p.m., GENDRON – an 18-year-old white male from Conklin, New York – committed a mass shooting attack targeting Black people at Tops Friendly Market at 1275 Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, New York (“Tops”). The mass shooting, which GENDRON live-streamed on the Internet, resulted in the deaths of 10 Black people, and non-fatal gunshot wounds to one (1) Black person and two (2) Caucasian people. GENDRON’s motive for the mass shooting was to prevent Black people from replacing white people and eliminating the white race, and to inspire others to commit similar attacks.”

The affidavit then explains what seems to be an incredibly complicated factual narrative of what transpired during the shooting spree, saying, “At the time of the attack, GENDRON arrived at Tops in a blue Ford Taurus (“Taurus”), drove to the front of the store, and came to a stop. He emerged from the car wearing a tactical-style helmet, camouflage clothing, body armor, and a GoPro video camera, and carrying a loaded Bushmaster XM-15 .223 caliber rifle and multiple loaded magazines. After exiting the Taurus, GENDRON aimed the rifle at a Black person (“Victim 1”) walking in the parking lot and shot and killed Victim 1. GENDRON immediately started shooting at other Black people in the parking lot and near the entrance to Tops. During this rapid succession of shots, GENDRON shot and injured one Black person (“Victim 2”) and shot and killed two Black people (“Victim 3” and “Victim 4”). A Black security guard, who had been standing near Victims 2 and 3, retreated inside the store. After GENDRON shot Victim 4, he fired several shots through the front window of the store and went to the entrance. As he approached the entrance, he shot Victim 3 again while Victim 3 was on the ground to ensure that Victim 3 was dead. Victim 2, who was lying motionless on the ground near Victim 3, survived and was able to flee the scene after GENDRON entered the store.”

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the incident is when the affidavit alleges that Gendron apologized to a white victim that he apparently shot by accident. Truly evil and absolutely heinous.

Here’s more from the affidavit via Law & Crime:

After shooting the first four victims, killing three of them, GENDRON entered the store, and immediately shot and killed two more Black people (“Victim 5” and “Victim 6”), who were on the ground. At that time, GENDRON and the armed Black security guard (“Victim 7”) exchanged gunfire; GENDRON aimed at, shot, and killed Victim 7.

After GENDRON killed Victim 7, he turned and aimed his rifle at a white male Tops employee (“Victim 8”), who, at some point during the attack, had been shot in the leg and injured. Rather than shooting him, GENDRON said, “sorry,” to Victim 8, before moving on through the rest of the store in search of more Black people to shoot and kill. At some point during the attack, one of the shots also struck a white female Tops employee (“Victim 9”) in the pharmacy area of the store, which is located near the checkout lanes. Victims 8 and 9 survived the attack.

Next, GENDRON walked through the store’s checkout lane, and shot and killed a Black person (“Victim 10”), who was in that area. GENDRON then moved through the aisles of the store and shot and killed three additional Black people (“Victim 11”, “Victim 12”, and “Victim 13”). GENDRON, still armed with the rifle, ultimately returned to the front of the store.

The affidavit then states that Gendron’s rifle featured “various writings” that included  “the names of others who have committed mass shootings, racial slurs, the statement ‘Here’s your reparations!,’ and the phrase ‘The Great Replacement.’”

This kid had a lot of problems, that much is clear. Still, it’s shocking to see someone like Gendron have so much hate in his heart at such a young age. What he did was the definition of evil. Let’s hope justice, in this case, is served.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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