Hillary Clinton Launches Horrible Personal Attack On SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas

Hillary Clinton launched a personal attack on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on Tuesday, referring to him as a “person of grievance.”

According to a report published by TheBlaze, Clinton conducted an interview with “CBS Mornings” host Gayle King where she attacked Thomas, making the claim that he is using his position on the bench of the highest court in America to enact his personal agenda.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but is that not what liberals want to do by placing their own people on the bench through court stacking? The hypocrisy oozes out of the very pores of Hillary Clinton. It’s disgusting.

“He’s signaling, as people often did — I went to law school with him. He’s been a person of grievance for as long as I’ve known him. Resentment, grievance, anger,” Clinton claimed.

“And he has signaled in the past to lower courts, to state legislatures, ‘Find cases, pass laws, get them up [to the Supreme Court]. I may not win the first, the second, or the third time, but we’re going to keep at it,’” Clinton continued.

Taking things a step further, the twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate said “women are going to die” because of Thomas’ decision.

If there are women who die as a result of Roe v. Wade being overturned, it’s going to be likely due to the fact they had a back-alley abortion in places where abortion was banned. This is not due to Justice Thomas. It’s due to that individual making a bad decision.

In fact, a series of bad decisions would contribute to such a death. After all, the woman more than likely made the choice to have sex with a man, unprotected — or using less than secure methods of protection — that resulted in the creation of a human child.

Instead of giving in to base desires, outside of wedlock most likely, that caused this situation to occur, the woman should have used better protection, or better yet, completely abstained from sexual activity altogether.

Not a popular line of thinking, but does that make it any less true?


Folks responded to Clinton’s personal attacks on Thomas by accusing her of “playing the angry black man card.”

“If this were the other way around, we’d hear endless lectures about the perils of ‘tone policing a black man who grew up under segregation,’” right-leaning writer Charles C.W. Cooke pointed out.

“Meanwhile, National Review editor Philip Klein observed several problems with Clinton’s statements. First, Clinton and Thomas were not in the same class at Yale Law School; Clinton graduated in 1973, while Thomas graduated in 1974. Second, Klein noted that Thomas’ conservative views were not fully formed when he attended Yale,” TheBlaze reported.

“Among other things, the law school reference isn’t plausible. Not only was she in a different graduating class from Thomas, but to the extent they overlapped, he wasn’t even a conservative in law school — that was just the beginning of his ideological transition,” Klein explained.

Comments made by Justice Sonia Sotomayer also obliterate Clinton’s claims about Thomas.

Sotomayer spoke with a liberal attorney earlier this month, saying Thomas was “a man who cares deeply about the court as an institution” and “about the people who work there.”

“Justice Thomas is the one justice in the building that literally knows every employee’s name, every one of them. And not only does he know their names, he remembers their families’ names and histories,” Sotomayor stated concerning her colleague.

“He’s the first one who will go up to someone when you’re walking with him and say, ‘Is your son OK? How’s your daughter doing in college?’” she said. “He’s the first one that, when my stepfather died, sent me flowers in Florida.”

Later on, Sotomayor stated that she and Thomas “share a common understanding about people and kindness toward them,” which is “why I can be friends with him and still continue our daily battle over our difference of opinions in cases.”

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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