Judge Just Proved He’s No Lover Of Life With Action Against Texas Abortion Ban

A county judge in Texas put a temporary stop to the Texas pre-Roe v. Wade abortion ban from taking place across the Lone Star State, proving that he is absolutely no lover of the innocent, unborn children that will die as a result of his stay.

According to Just the News, the judge, based in Houston, has issued a temporary restraining order in response to a request made by the American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit that was filed on Monday according to a post from the organization on Twitter.

“Abortion up to six weeks of pregnancy will resume at some clinics,” the ACLU of Texas stated in the post.

The lawsuit was announced on Monday by the national ACLU organization. Congratulations, guys. You’ve now contributed to the murder of an untold number of children. Hope that makes you proud.

“We’re suing Texas to restore early abortion access for two more months or longer. Attorney General [Ken] Paxton wants to stop all abortion and is threatening unlawful prosecutions of abortion providers under an antiquated pre-Roe law,” the legal organization went on to say.

Paxton fired back with fire and passion, saying, “”The pro-abortion left is—as expected—now suing me and the State of Texas to block our state’s pro-life laws. I anticipated this and am ready. They will lose. Texas laws defending the unborn will win.”

It’s absolutely atrocious to think there are so many people out there who are okay with the idea of murdering babies. It’s more than just thinking of this in terms of science and health care. People are actively fighting tooth-and-nail to have the right to suck the brain out of a child in the womb.

There’s something not right about that. It feels demonic and evil. Of course, that’s exactly what it is, but we’re really seeing the face of the devil in all of this now that Roe has fallen.

Of course, we all knew this wasn’t going to be easy. The left was going to fight to the bitter end over this. It’s time to get busy and start on the next phase of protecting the unborn.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather

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