Libs Devour Another of Their Own

We certainly see this all across the animal kingdom, don’t we? Species will devour their own. Whether it be their young, the old, or the weak, animals are known to devour their own.

Of course, so are liberals. We have seen time again liberal or at least moderate, liberal leaning actors, musicians, politicians, all consumed by the ravenous piranhas on the far left. Much like a school of real piranhas can strip a cow in minutes, a group of ravenous loony libs can strip an athlete of an awards or an actor of a job in no time.

What’s the latest example of these kooks hurting their own allies? Check this out via the USA Today: Well-known lefty journo David Mastio tells of his experience.

Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper chain, with more than 200 daily newspapers, announced this month that it’s walking away from opinion sections like the one you’re reading. USA Today’s liberal editorial page editor said they failed to “evolve.” 

I know something about Gannett’s evolution since I was USA Today’s deputy editorial page editor until August, when I was demoted after I tweeted, “People who are pregnant are also women.” 

The gall, the unmitigated gall Mastio has in claiming people who are pregnant are also women. Everyone knows men can get pregnant! I wrote about it here.

Of course, the entire point of my article months ago was to point out the utter absurdity of claiming men can get pregnant. Shocker. I’m just fortunate I’m not famous and I work for people who have some common sense.

That idea was forbidden because a “news reporter” covering diversity, equity and inclusion wrote a story detailing how transgender men can get pregnant. I compounded my sin against this new orthodoxy by calling the idea that men can get pregnant an “opinion.” 

If I wanted to keep any job at USA Today, my bosses informed me, I needed to delete these offensive tweets because they were causing pain to the LGBTQ activists and journalists on our staff.

There is so much wrong here. If you are a pregnant transgender man, you are in fact a woman, likely with scruffy facial hair from the flood of male hormones, which I suspect you have to stop once you get impregnated with the child whose life is going to be ruined.

I also want to know who is being caused “pain” by comments like that. Are people so fragile, so sensitive, that a comment like that caused pain? How do people like this ever get out of high school, college, into the workforce? Folks, we live amongst some truly disturbed people, but if you are reading this, this is likely not new news.

Now, I have been an opinion journalist for 30 years — I thought I was authorized to have opinions. The idea that women are the ones who get pregnant has gone from scientific fact to opinion to outright falsehood in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, it remains my opinion that women get pregnant. Women, after all, come with all the accoutrements — vaginas, uteruses, ovaries and mammary glands.

Don’t misunderstand. I want nothing more than for trans and non-binary people to live free and fulfilling lives, work in peace and pursue happiness as they see fit. In my personal life, I love one of them.

Nope, sorry Mr. Mastio, there are no more opinions in your line of work. I’d suggest coming to our side. The water is nice, and we will welcome you with open arms.

Until then I guess you can live and work under scrutiny from the mentally ill woke mob. However, I will be doing everything I can to not support any Gannett owned news publications. It’s the least I can do for our new friend David Mastio.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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