Live: January 6th, Why No Police Presence?

Watching the regurgitation of footage we all either saw live, or a million times since, one has to still wonder WHERE WERE THE POLICE?

This is the biggest day in American history. I’ve seen more security at a rock festival. Much of the police that are on camera are seen cowering, running, or otherwise being overpowered. Why is this? Democrats insist that police are overbearing, aggressive and domineering. Why not on January 6th?

Has anyone ever seen a police officer cower and run away?

Oh joy, Chuck Todd. Has there ever been a more condescending, mealy mouthed leftist mouthpiece in history? Find me one. He hates Trump.

A “powerful” first hour. It’s literally all stuff we have seen a thousand times!

On the subject of videos, how about showing the videos of police and security leading people in, and taking down velvet ropes?

In all the video, I think I have seen maybe 10 police officers. There are more cops at a professional sporting event. WHY?

The first hour has been nothing more than attempting to paint a doom and gloom picture, and throwing out certain words and phrases like “insurrection”, “attack”, “chilling”, “lies”, etc,

What I see is a few hundred UNARMED goobers, many of which are there only for the selfie opportunity, “overpower” about 10 Capital police. How does this happen?

My son was on the front line of the 2020 protests in my town, and the police NEVER laid down like the Capital police. Why?

Even with all the rhetoric, video, hell raising, and statements from Trumps political opponents, not ONE SHRED OF PROOF has been presented to implicate President Trump for the actions of a few.

I have to jump back in for one more comment. Exactly NO officers lost their lives on January 6. The only person that died was Ashley Babbit, a protester that was shot by a cop. Don’t fall for the drama!

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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