Masked Arsonists Launch Assault On Pro-Life Legislator’s Office

Two cowardly individuals who kept their identities hidden behind masks smashed out a window and threw a lit flare into the office building of Washington state House Rep. Andrew Barkis’ located in Olympia, Washington on Monday.

According to The Daily Caller, security footage revealed two males approaching the office building before breaking the window using a hammer and then throwing a lit flare into the building. The property is owned by Barkis and is currently leased by the House Republican Organizational Committee. Fortunately, the flare landed on the masonry floor and was thus unable to set the building ablaze.

So why in the world would these guys do something like this? Well, the Daily Caller report goes on to mention how there have been multiple pro-life groups that have been targeted by pro-abortion arsonists ever since the draft opinion leaked that showed the U.S. Supreme Court likely overthrowing the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, which would then force abortion regulation back to the states.

Barks, who is a Washington state House Representative, sponsored legislation in 2021 that would protect Down Syndrome babies from discriminatory abortions. Yes, the radical left is vile enough to want to murder a child in the womb, simply because it has what they consider to be a genetic imperfection.

This line of thinking is not so crazy when you examine the Democratic Party’s history with eugenics, which dates all the way back to Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who devised abortion as a means of helping to thin out the black race.

The attack on Barkis also comes after an armed man was arrested outside of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home last week,” the Daily Caller reported.

Washington state House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, who posted the incident on Twitter, said both he and Barkis believe the act of violence was intentional, My Northwest reported. Wilcox sent an email urging his Republican colleagues to be on guard for more attacks,” the report continued.

“I wouldn’t pay that much attention to it except now I’ve got two House Republican members around an arson and a shooting in one week,” Wilcox went on to tell the outlet.

As of right now, the Olympia Police Department is looking into the incident, though they did not immediately respond when The Daily Caller News Foundation made a request for comment.

“Such attempts at violence are abhorrent,” Democratic Washington Gov. Inslee tweeted concerning the incident. “We’re thankful no one was hurt. Hopefully, law enforcement is able to identify these individuals before they inflict any more harm.”

The left seems to be choosing violence as a means of expressing their displeasure with moves made by the government that doesn’t align with their progressive belief system. Keep in mind, that these are the same people who are angry over supposed Trump supporters rioting at the Capitol building.

It seems there’s a serious lack of consistency in the application of the principles pro-abortion leftists claim to adhere to. This is not the way adults conduct business. And it’s certainly no way to convince hearts and minds to believe in your cause.

Then again, they are going for intimidation, not winning hearts and minds.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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