Megin Rapino Gets Shredded After Comments She Made About Girls Competing Against Transgender Athletes

Top women’s soccer player Megan Rapinoe is catching a whole world of hurt on social media on Tuesday after she argued that female athletes and their families need to get over the huge advantages biological male transgender athletes have over girls and women competing in sports.

Or, and hear me out, we could just keep biological men out of women’s sports so that the playing field — no pun intended — is level for everyone competing? That’s crazy, I know, especially because it utilizes traditional, confirmed science concerning sex and gender. But hey, why not give it a shot?

According to a report from The Daily Wire, Rapinoe spoke with Time magazine for an interview that was published on Sunday where she revealed she’s “100% supportive” of “trans inclusion” in women’s sports, essentially ignoring any and all concerns folks have about fairness.

Man, she’s working hard for those woke points.

“I would also encourage everyone out there who is afraid someone’s going to have an unfair advantage over their kid to really take a step back and think what are we actually talking about here,” the women’s soccer star said. “We’re talking about people’s lives. I’m sorry, your kid’s high school volleyball team just isn’t that important.”

Rapinoe was totally destroyed over her comments on the issue, with social media users noting that her remarks come as she herself is on her way to retirement, indicating that pushing for the inclusion of biological males identifying as females and entering professional soccer will have no effect on her.

Ben Shapiro, the Editor Emeritus of the Daily Wire responded by saying, “Just a note: if biological males were allowed to play against the US Women’s National Soccer Team, Megan Rapinoe and crew would get their asses kicked by a bunch of junior high boys.”

“Shapiro then linked to a 2017 story from CBS Sports about an under-15 boys academy team besting the U.S. Women’s National Team in a scrimmage,” the Daily Wire reported.

“I got mine. F*** them kids,” conservative writer Jim Treacher went on to say, mocking the women’s soccer star.

PR pro Vanessa Santos also slammed Rapinoe saying, “Megan Rapinoe can safely say these things because she is near retirement and she isn’t in danger of being replaced by a transgender athlete. She’s doing nothing to preserve the future of female sports.”

“Megan Rapinoe is selfish,” Santos finished her post.

“Megan Rapinoe has 2 World Cup medals and an Olympic gold thanks to sex segregation in sport,” one Twitter user criticized the athlete. “Her team couldn’t beat 15 year old schoolboys. At a recent UK cycling race, trans and non binary males were allowed to race against ‘Cis women,’ men took 10 out of 12 podium places.”

“Here’s the thing: Megan Rapinoe is a liar,” conservative pundit Ian Haworth stated in a Twitter post. “She just thinks she’s safe. The moment a man takes her roster spot, she’ll be outraged — as she should.”

“Yes, by all means, crush the dreams, spirits and dignity of children — as long as it provides ideological satisfaction to rich and famous adults,” Stephen Miller, who used to work as a senior adviser for former President Donald Trump, went on to say.

Rapinoe must be trying to set up some sort of post-soccer career as a professional activist. Why else would she be pushing this particular issue so hard?

But why should we take her seriously when the U.S. women’s team actually lost to junior high boys? Seems like that disproves her entire point.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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