Montauk, NY Ranch Saddled With TikTok Influencer, Says ‘Hold Your Horses’

Ever come across a story that’s hilarious, sad, and dangerous all at once? Welcome to America, 2022! A country where it’s NOT ok to sometimes point out the obvious, even if it IS to save a horse, and not ride a cowboy. (Best wishes Toby Keith).

Look, there is a reason professional jockeys weigh about 75 pounds. The end goal isn’t to kill the horse. This also is true of the recreational horse-riding industry. The folks that stable, own and care for these animals rely on them to make a living. You don’t want to break one because a customer/rider is a little on the portly side.

I mean, you can’t ride certain rides at an amusement park if you are too bulbous, and often you have to buy an extra seat at the movies or on a plane. Why should Mr. Ed have to suffer?

Where am I going with this? Check this out, per Page Six:

Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk is getting a whipping after turning away social media influencer Remi Bader for a trail ride. And if that weren’t rough enough, an employee at the ranch posted a TikTok video crassly calling curvaceous Bader “a fat bitch.”

So immediately I am going to point out the obvious. The little punk that went on social media and called Miss Bader a derogatory name should be disciplined. Perhaps he should have to buy Remi dinner? Just a thought.

Bader first posted a video to her popular TikTok account, which boasts 2 million followers, saying she was asked to leave because she weighs over 240 pounds, adding, “I’ve rode horses before and have never had this issue. Please advertise this on your signs for the future.”

In response, Broudy Keogh, who is seemingly the son of the ranch’s owner, posted his own since-deleted video, saying, “When you’re not a fat bitch, you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch.”

Let’s be honest, when we saw the name “Broudy”, we immediately thought “douche” didn’t we? Come on, let’s all be honest adults here! I did! If he was a Jeff, or a Tony, maybe even a Mike I would’ve been shocked beyond words, but you expect this type of idiocy from a “Broudy”. I digress.

The trail ride outing was part of an influencer trip planned by Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi’s rosé company, Hampton Water.

A witness on the trip tells us that a female ranch hand was leading them through the ins and outs of the fillies when she stopped Bader “in front of the whole group and said, ‘You can’t ride.’”

The source tells us that Bader informed them she had ridden before, but they told her, “You weigh too much.”

When Bader responded that she had not heard of the restrictions before, the female rancher did not rein things in, allegedly spitting, “That’s not my problem.”

I find it interesting that Jon Bon Jovi and his company planned this. Makes me miss the 80’s. Kids, in the 80’s young ladies like Miss Bader weren’t calling businesses out for shaming them. From my recollection, they were usually asking me to call for a pizza. Kidding! I am kidding!

“I get it, you have weight requirements and I’d never want to hurt the horses, but the way I was spoken to and laughed at by the owner and the way I was treated overall,” Bader wrote on her Instagram Stories. “What I experienced in person was only supported later by the owners son’s video, which made it very clear that they did not want me there because of my weight and that is truly disappointing.”

Let’s be honest here. The actions of the ranch hand were despicable. Miss Bader is still a person with feelings, even if she is a TikTok “star”. Kudos to her for handling this situation with grace and dignity. This is a weird age we live in, when it’s not ok to point out what is CLEARLY evident, that she was too large to ride, without people freaking out. Miss Bader is on the road to an unhealthy life, but no one has the courage to say so.

Let’s hope the ranch, Miss Bader, and her social media following can find some sort of middle ground. Perhaps the ranch can purchase a Clydesdale for larger guests? I don’t know, just spit balling here!

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