Mother’s Intuition Leads to Arrest of Two Pre-School Teachers [Video]

The recent Covid-19 pandemic brought about ZOOM online classrooms, allowing parents to witness the leftist propaganda their children were subjected to while receiving instruction from home. Once in-classroom instruction resumed around the country, surveillance cameras began appearing in many schools, and one camera in a Georgia pre-school allegedly captured two teachers abusing children when a mother suspected her child was being abused at the school.

Gloria Barghi, a mother to one of the students, told local news outlet WSB-TV that she had a “weird” feeling that she needed to check on her son.

“I just told my husband, I said, ‘Call it mother’s intuition.’ I just want to see if he’s OK,’” Barghi said. “I pulled up the app. I picked it up right when the lead teacher was assaulting the first victim. It was intentional. It was thought out. It was malicious … these are defenseless little kids.”

Barghi claimed that the school had no set procedure for parents to report witnessed abuse in the classroom, and she also had to demand that the teachers be removed from their roles.

“And we would not leave until they were removed. The director even looked at me and questioned, ‘So you want me to remove them?’ And I said, ‘You better believe it. Remove them now.’”


On June 3, Rosewell Police Department began investigating the alleged abuse after another parent reached out to police to express worry about her child’s safety at the school.

The parent reportedly logged into the school’s camera system and saw “physical contact” in the two teachers’ interactions with several students in the classroom, according to a press release from Rosewell Police Department. Once authorities obtained and investigated the video, they arrested the two teachers, Zeina Alostwani, 40, and Soriana Briceno, 19, and charged them with first-degree cruelty to children.  The two were booked into the Fulton County Jail earlier this week.

This arrest comes in the wake of an exodus of children being pulled out of government schools and kept at home for homeschooling or neighborhood learning pods.

Actor and filmmaker Kirk Cameron, a proponent of homeschooling, promoted his new documentary “The Homeschool Awakening” on FoxNews’ “Jesse Waters Primetime” earlier this week.  He said that parents are “waking up” to their children’s education and that one of the silver linings of the pandemic is that parents have seen what their children are learning in public school, leading them to realize that government schools are not the only path toward education.

“This is such an exciting time in our culture, said Cameron. “Many look at the darkness that appears to be closing in with all of these government restrictions and these mandates and this forced content in schools.” 

He was orginallly skeptical of homeschooling, believing it to be expensive and ineffective and requiring parents to obtain PhDs in order to teach.

“It’s a lot more affordable than you think it is,” he said. “There’s a lot more help and hope than you could ever imagine through co-ops and networks and conferences and support from local churches and other families.” 

Cameron added that the “possibilities are really endless, and we’re witnessing something that’s remarkable.” 

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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