Ms. Cheney Claims Jan. 6 Is Not Debatable, and I’d Agree – but Not About Donald Trump

As everyone should be aware, the attack that happened on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 was shrouded in mystery. The act saw former president Donald Trump being impeached for the second time. Following the incident, a chain of questionable videos and statements had been released over the internet.

Things such as there were authorities already at the scene, and they helped the masses get in, or saying that this was planned from one party or another. However, when we examine Trump’s speech, at no point did he explicitly command anyone to infiltrate the Capitol.

There were people who died, there were some injured, and when the dust settled there was property damage, vandalism, along with other demonstrations of violence that were surveyed after the fact in the Capitol by the rioters.

Following the incident were multiple senators along with good ol’ Nancy Pelosi calling for a 9/11 type commission in which this wouldn’t happen again, and if it did they’d be better prepared and could respond better, along with a peaceful transfer of power.

That’s funny when you consider the election was hijacked, but perhaps Brandon did actually get the most votes in history, beating even Barack Obama at over 80 million votes. 

Be that as it may, we’re here now, in a swamp that’s deeper than ever, and according to Mr. Thompson, Former President Donald Trump went against the oath every government employee in America swears to, and that is to protect and uphold the constitution. However, later, he began saying that the actions from Jan. 6, and the fact that people are trying to justify the act reminds him of the KKK.

Mr. Thompson continued in accusing Donald Trump of trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power. He went on about how there is no conspiracy, and that Donald Trump had the right to challenge the outcome, which he did.

However, when challenging the outcome he lost in courts just as he did in the ballot box – and what other outcome could you expect? It’s so easy for a picture to be painted on one side, and I believe Ms. Cheney said it best when she said “There’s no room for debate.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, this whole broadcast seems to be people lined up one after another talking about how outlandish Donald Trump was during the Jan. 6 riots, and not a single person talking on behalf of the other side. They seem to be stacking up and creating a large file that in the end won’t be contested, as it’ll be too much.

Ms. Cheney continued by saying that people were motivated by Donald Trump, due to  him spreading huge lies that the election was stolen and that this was a fraud election.

According to her and others democrats who’ve neatly knitted this nice narrative for us, Donald Trump was told over and over by many that he wasn’t going to win, and that’s when he began spending millions of dollars to run ads he knew would send false information to misguide people and help kindle the flame that led to Jan. 6.

However, what’s more, is how they kept talking about the constitution and ‘we the people’. Don’t get me started on how the tragic recent shootings are a little too weird when you stop to think about the facts. For example, how did the young kid who shot up the elementary school in Uvalde have enough money to buy AR rifles, along with 375 rounds of 5.56, body armor, and the magazines?
Shortly after these shootings, and believe me – we know the gravity of the situation, but passing ‘common sense’ gun laws will do nothing but disarm the good guys with the guns. If you get your information from the mainstream lamestream news, then you’re not only uninformed, you’re misinformed. The only reason we hear and see all the bad news about guns, and hardly nothing about good guys with guns is because it goes against their agenda. 

So, we now have talks, and bills trying to get passed to strip us of our God given rights to protect ourselves, and loved ones. They use any tragedy to try and push their gun control onto us law abiding citizens, and punish us for some idiot who wanted to commit evil atrocities. To that I ask, where is your oath to uphold and protect the constitution? Where is the promise to uphold free speech when you literally shut down anything and everything that not only goes against your narrative, but just straight up blacklist words so that nothing – even the truth – goes through. What about the covid vaccinations and that whole tumbleweed of a mess? Democrats have long been chipping away and wanting to tear down all of America’s rights, and they’re fine with it.

Then they want to replace these freedoms by canceling things, taking God out of schools, and shoving the gay and woke agenda down not only ours, but even worse, our children’s throats.

Given the way things are now, I don’t believe a word of this filth spewing out tonight. The oath they took to uphold the constitution has been broken, and I agree with Ms. Cheney, there is no debate. 

This story syndicated with permission from Omar, Author at Trending Politics

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