Philly College Student Goes Toe-To-Toe With Carjackers Trying To Steal His SUV

A college student attending St. Joseph’s University ended up going toe-to-toe with a couple of carjackers on Tuesday evening in the Overbrook section of Philly. He refused to give up the keys to his SUV, ended up getting into a fight with the assailants, which resulted in taking a bullet to the knee and then getting hit in the head with the gun.

The bad guys ended up getting away…but not with the student’s vehicle, WPVI-TV reported.

The student in the incident, who celebrates his 21st birthday on Wednesday, was coming home from campus and just pulled up to his apartment on Upland Way near Drexel Road in his blue Subaru Outback sometime around 10:40 p.m., the local news outlet reported.

Two masked men then exited a dark-colored minivan — possibly a Dodge Caravan — along the dark, tree-lined street and approached the student, Capt. John Walker told WCAU-TV. The pair also were wearing black hooded sweatshirts, WPVI said,” TheBlaze stated in its piece on the story.

The two suspects then announced the robbery to their potential victim, who had just gotten out of his car. The suspects then attempted to take his keys and get into his vehicle, however, the student decided to fight back, which was probably not what these thugs expected.

The student was then struck in the head with a handgun, Walker said, and then stated that at least one of the carjackers fired off two shots, which resulted in the student taking a bullet to the knee.

“Police told WCAU the suspects got back in the minivan and fled toward Woodbine Avenue. However, authorities added to KYW-TV that the suspects had the victim’s keys to his vehicle,” TheBlaze reported.

The student was then transported to Lankenau Medical Center in stable condition. WCAU then stated that investigators are looking for surveillance footage of the incident.

Walker stated during his interview with WPVI that police have not seen any similar crimes in the area.

“It’s a relatively quiet area of Overbrook Farms, no instances here, just concerned obviously because this kid was at the school this evening, coming home … for the rest of the evening,” he said. “He had an event at the school in the morning, and he gets shot over the course of this attempted carjacking.”

These kinds of situations are good reminders of the importance of knowing how to defend yourself. It pays to take advantage of the Second Amendment and know how to use a firearm and have a concealed-carry permit should your state require one.

However, it’s also a great idea to learn some sort of martial art for self-defense purposes. There are a lot of good ones to choose from that will help you know exactly what to do in situations like this so you can protect your life and your property from lazy thugs who don’t want to expend their time, effort, and energy on working to make a real living.

It’s great this situation turned out the way it did, but there’s no guarantee someone else will be as fortunate.


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