Police Union Destroys Dems, Reveals What Cops Really Think About Biden

According to a top police union official, the reason we’re seeing horrific spikes in crime across the nation and law enforcement officers getting ambushed more frequently is due to the abysmal policies from the Democratic Party that have resulted in more and more violent offenders released from prison, along with new restrictions being placed on cops, which is certain to only make things worse as time goes on.

The Democrats are, of course, opportunists. For the last several years, since the death of George Floyd, many on the left have made calls for local law enforcement departments to be defunded and a few have gone further than that, demanding that they be completely disbanded.

But ever since the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, the left is now acting like they support cops as they keep pushing for more and more restrictive gun control. Their hypocrisy truly does not have any limits.

“I would say that most police officers don’t believe that Joe Biden is on their side,” Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President Joe Gamaldi went on to say during an interview on the “Just the News, Not Noise” television program on Wednesday.

He then slammed Democratic policies starting at the federal level, all the way down to the local level, for creating regulations and restrictions that hurt police officers and prevent them from being able to do their jobs.

According to a report from Just the News, “Gamaldi, a Houston police sergeant, especially blasted Chicago’s new rule, instituted by Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, that prohibits officers from chasing down suspects involved in misdemeanors.”

“Just when I think that they can’t coddle criminals any more than they do, they come out with a policy like this. Just when I think they can’t neuter our ability to enforce the law, they come out with something like this,” Gamaldi went on to say, stating that it makes the message clear to criminals “that all you have to do is run from the police and we’re not going to chase you.”

Gamaldi then went on to explain that the criminal justice policies that are put in place in blue-ran cities are actually the ones that harm minority communities the most.

“When you have these people pushing these horrific policies, they don’t give a damn about the community. It’s agenda over people,” he stated during his interview with editor-in-chief John Solomon and co-host Amanda Head.

Gamaldi took some time to blast cities that happen to have record murder rates such as Atlanta, D.C., Philadelphia, and of course, New York. During 2021, officer deaths that occurred in the line-of-duty exploded, reaching record highs with ambush style assaults going up a whopping 115 percent.

Gamaldi specifically singled out Los Angeles, where District Attorney George Gascon came under fire recently after two officers were ambushed and slain in broad daylight by a man who was out on probation for felony firearm possession,” Just the News reported.

“Our communities are fed up. They’re pissed off. They want safe streets,” Gamaldi went on to say during the interview, going on to state that regular Americans will hold soft-on-crime politicians “accountable at the ballot box,” a truth confirmed by how Gascon is facing a recall as we speak.

Being a police officer is probably one of the hardest jobs you can have. It’s largely thankless, a whole lot of people hate you due to a false narrative being pushed by leftist media outlets, and then of course, there’s the danger of the job itself. You never know when you might be the victim of an attack while in the line-of-duty.

And yet many of these folks get out and seek to serve and protect every day, despite the overall negative experience many of them are having now. That’s what makes a hero.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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