Racist Pelosi Backed Candidate Wins in New Mexico

Even when the Democrats win, they lose.

A controversial democrat candidate for congress in New Mexico won the right to face the incumbent Republican for the second congressional seat. That’s good if you are a dem, right? Throw in the fact that he is backed by Skeletor Pelosi, and it looks like a double win. Never mind why anyone would support a candidate that one of the most awful people on the planet in Pelosi would endorse. It still happened.

Not so fast. This dude comes with more baggage than the Kardashian’s private jet. What do I mean?

Per Fox News:

A Democratic congressional candidate backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., attacked the U.S. as “AmeriKKKa” and called for the deconstruction of the police and economy.

Gabe Vasquez, one of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) “coveted Red to Blue program” candidates, won the Democratic nomination Tuesday night for New Mexico’s second congressional seat setting him up to face incumbent Rep. Yvette Harrell, a Republican, in November.

Wow. That’s some pretty racist stuff. Just on its face, calling the United States, which you wish to be paid to serve, AmeriKKKa is racist as hell. And pretty disgusting, if not super creative.

Also generally not accurate. While it’s trendy and woke to criticize America for its flaws, whether real or perceived, it’s also just absurd on its face to assume America is a racist country out to hold black people down.

However, Vasquez carries baggage that may not sit well with the constituency of the currently-red toss-up seat. He has called to “deconstruct and rebuild” law enforcement and the economy, as well as attacked the United States as a racist nation.

Vasquez also called for a “fundamental power shift” in the government starting on racial lines and made the claim that as “long as white folks (mostly men!) dominate this nation’s wealth [and] preside over our nation’s governing bodies [and] judicial systems, the racism, killing [and] injustice will continue.”

So let me get this straight Gabe, white, wealthy men in power are responsible for racism, killing, and injustice. All this despite your party electing….wait for it…a WEALTHY WHITE MAN to run the country (into the ground)?

In July 2019, the Pelosi-backed candidate also called the Thin Blue Line — a police-supporting nonprofit — “propaganda” with “racism at its core value” and called the Republican Party “racist at its core.”

Never forget that Pelosi got on bended knee after the death of George Floyd and symbolically kissed BLM’s ass. That in and of itself was disgusting.

Also remember Pelosi presides over the 12th district of San Francisco, one of the most disgusting, dangerous areas in the country.

Hopefully, come November the fine folks of New Mexico will see fit to vote Republican, and keep Pelosi and her ultra-racist henchman Gabe Vasquez out of Washington.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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