Secretary Yellen Covers For Biden On Gas Prices

The Biden administration consists of incompetent, untalented, and radicalized foot soldiers willing to take the blame for Joe’s failures.

Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has done a disastrous job of developing a plan to spend the billions of dollars allocated to fix the crumbling U.S. infrastructure. He disappeared on paternity leave as the U.S. chain supply chain collapsed leading to hundreds of massive cargo ships being unable to unload at major US ports.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who previously served as the 15th chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018, was confirmed by the Senate to help Biden get inflation under control.

This past week she had admitted she and the president had failed to accurately assess that inflation would climb to a 40-year-high. “I think I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take,” she said.

On Tuesday she incoherently claimed the Biden administration has exhausted efforts to reduce energy costs for American citizens.

Really, Janet, the administration has done their best, using all the tools available for the government, to stabilize the energy sector?

If this is true I guess there is no way to stop the runaway train towards financial ruin for millions of commuters.

Gas continues to skyrocket, hitting a consecutive record high for 10 days in a row.

On Tuesday. the national average per gallon hit an unbelievable $4.91 per gallon. This means prices have more than doubled since former President Donald Trump left office. The rate stood at $2.39 per gallon price on Biden’s inauguration day.

Speaking at the Senate Finance Committee, Yellen said “the administration has done everything that they can” to reduce energy prices.

In moments like this, when aging, slow-moving seniors start making statements that are easily proven to be wrong, we the people have to make a judgment call on their actions.

CA Senator Feinstein has very rapidly lost her faculties but refuses to step down. President Biden frequently mumbles, loses his awareness of his surrounding, asks for directions from his handlers, forgets names, and has fallen going upstairs.

So is Yellen forgetful, or choosing to be ignorant?

The world knows, Biden as part of his push for the green new deal, in effect declared war on the American fossil fuel energy industry. The adoption of ESG scores and additional regulations has driven up private and public financing costs of oil drilling. Joe has also halted drilling on public lands and he infamously canceled the XL Keystone pipeline on day one.

Yellen instead of blaming Biden’s actions claimed the energy price increases were due to the coronavirus and the war in Ukraine.

“We currently face macroeconomic challenges, including unacceptable levels of inflation as well as the headwinds associated with the disruptions caused by the pandemic’s effect on supply chains, and the effects of supply side disturbances to oil and food markets resulting from Russia’s war in Ukraine,” Yellen claimed.

According to Bloomberg, inflation will cost American households on average an extra $5,200 in 2022.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Follow me on Twitter and MagaBook

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics

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