Student Strikes Back At Illinois College After What They Did To Her On Behalf Of Woke Students

A Christian art student is striking back at an Illinois college, after claiming the school censored her over her conservative views due to complaints from woke classmates.

This is exactly the kind of action this young woman needs to take. For far too long, Christians have sat back and allowed themselves to be pushed around and bullied, especially on college campuses and in lecture halls. If we truly value our country and all it stands for, it’s time to be less like sheep and more like lions.

“I was alarmed when I had received three nocontact orders that prevented me from having direct or indirect communication with these three students. Essentially, they were restraining orders that applied to on and off-campus,” graduate student Maggie Dejong went on to say during an appearance on “Fox & Friends First” Friday alongside Tyson Langhoffer, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom.

According to Fox News, Dejong stated that while attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, she regularly joined in on discussions in the classroom concerning rather contentious topics like religion and race relations, often espousing a conservative point of view.

Which, as we all know, is anathema in modern society, thanks in large part to the hard work of liberals who have done everything in their power to keep Americans divided, viewing each other as enemies rather than fellow citizens of the country.

Just as the end of her three-year program was wrapping up, Dejong got slapped with a no-contact order pertaining to three of her classmates who had raised objections about her social media posts concerning abortion and the police.

Langhoffer then stated that Dejong “never violated any university policy.”

“Yet the university issued no-contact orders against her, prohibiting her from fully participating in classes, including discussions about race relations and the police, simply because they deemed her or her beliefs as unwelcome,” he went on to tell host Ashley Strohmier.

Something that really seemed to rub her classmates the wrong way was Dejong’s defense of Kyle Rittenhouse on her social media accounts, followed by her denouncing the left’s pet project, critical race theory.

Then Dejong was targeted because of her pro-police hat that fellow students demanded she remove in class, saying it was a “symbol of oppression.”

“Universities can’t issue no-contact orders and tell students they can’t speak with other students simply for expressing their views,” Langhoffer stated in conclusion.

The fact this is something that is happening in the United States, a country that at one time actually prided itself on having freedom of speech, which provides every American citizen with the liberty to express their thoughts, ideas, and beliefs openly, without fear, reveals just how much our nation has rotted from the inside out.

Progressives have succeeded in creating future generations of Americans who eschew their own liberty in favor of relying on the government to take care of them and tell them how to think and behave. Undoing this kind of internal mind programming is very difficult. In fact, for some, it might be too late.

However, conservatives must continue to take action as Dejong did, fight the corruption in the system, if for no other reason than to proclaim the truth for all to hear.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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