Taylor Lorenz Proves No One At WaPo Has A Sense Of Humor After Ripping Lib Over Joke

You probably didn’t need additional evidence presented to you to know that the folks inside the Washington Post newsroom have absolutely no sense of humor, nor do they possess the ability to take a joke, but we have some for you anyway, courtesy of everyone’s least favorite journalist, Taylor Lorenz, who was offended by a Father’s Day COVID joke that came from a fellow lefty journalist.

According to The Daily Wire, Matthew Yglesias, who is the co-founder of Vox, tried to crack a joke on Twitter — and there was his first mistake — after he found out that he had COVID. But Lorenz didn’t think it was all that funny.

Lorenz must be an absolute blast to have around at parties. She probably took notes on the shenanigans of the kids back in school and handed it to the principal for the sheer fun of it.

“Some personal news: I have contracted the novel coronavirus,” Yglesias posted on Twitter over the weekend. “Frankly, I think the virus should respect Father’s Day more than this.” He then went on to quip that “FYI, all future typos are due to long Covid.”

“Lorenz, who was recently dropped from the newspaper’s vaunted features team after an embarrassing screwup in a story on content creators and the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, wasn’t laughing or expressing concern for Yglesias’ health,” the Daily Wire reported.

“I’m glad it’s a joke for u Matt and that you’re lucky enough to get access to great care, but for those who have had their lives destroyed by the virus and who have had loved ones die from or suffer w/ LC it’s not funny. Hope you can have a little more empathy, especially today,” she responded to Yglesias’ tweet.

I don’t care what anyone says, this woman is a total vampire. She sucks the fun and the life right out of anything and everything she comes into contact with. I bet when folks are in the same room with her they feel inexplicably drained of all their energy, meanwhile, she gets peppier and peppier as the day proceeds.

HBO political pundit Bill Maher took The Washington Post newsroom to task for its lack of any semblance of a sense of humor last Friday, stating the place was basically just a “daycare center” for entitled, spoiled scolds. And that comment was before the mess between Lorenz and Yglesias.

“If someone named Deep Throat called the paper today and wanted to meet in a parking garage, this crew of emotional hemophiliacs would have an anxiety attack and report it to HR that they didn’t feel safe,” Maher quipped.

People like Lorenz are going to end up with massive anxiety — if she doesn’t already have it — and have a mental breakdown that requires a lengthy stay at a funny farm.

Oh, I’m sorry.

The use of that incredibly “non-PC” term will probably send her careening off the deep end where she will take revenge on my poor soul in the most horrific way possible.

Banning me on Twitter.

Oh, the horror.


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