Teen with Cancer Has Ultimate Wish to Meet Gordon Ramsay

When a conversation about Gordon Ramsay comes up, many people run to different ideas on how they remember or perceive him. Most will remember enjoying him on his shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, along with others where he would often have outbursts, let his temper boil red hot, and not pull any punches. Others might recall his famous lines, such as calling people donkeys, donuts, idiot sandwiches, and much worse.

Then, of course, who could forget that perhaps even more than those, he’s a renowned chef, has multiple Michelin stars, is very innovative with food ideas, and is a father and husband. However, now we can add yet another feather to his hat. That being of a humble answerer to one teen’s wish was to meet him. So, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, put the ice cream down and read on to satisfy it!

At the point when 13-year-old Sadie was asked what her fantasy was, she just had one wish: to meet Gordon Ramsay.

Sadie has been fighting Ewing’s sarcoma, which St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital characterizes as a cancerous tumor that spreads in the bones or the delicate tissue and can move to other parts of the body.

The young lady’s mom, Misty Dutton, let today know that her little girl has adored cooking for quite a long time and has consistently enjoyed watching Ramsay’s TV programs both before and after her diagnosis. So when the Children’s Dream Fund, an association in West Central Florida that grants wishes to kids between the ages of 3 – 21 who have life-threatening illnesses, asked Sadie what her inclinations were in the interview, that’s when all roads pointed to the famous British chef.

“When she was diagnosed, she watched him a lot. We’d laugh at some of the stuff that he did. There was a lot of laughter because of that,” Dutton told today. “So it was a nine month journey, right? All of which revolved around Gordon and watching the show.”

Sadie’s get-together with Ramsay took a while to come to full fruition. Last year, Ramsay sent a video to Sadie where he said he’d very much want to cook for her and meet her in the future.

Afterward, towards the finish of one of her treatment cycles, one of her last chemotherapy treatments got delayed so she could meet Ramsay in Orlando in April. Be that as it may, the plans fell through this time due to a conflict, leaving the CDF group and Ramsay’s team to go back to the drawing board to arrange the meet-up.

After some hurdles, the time had finally come last weekend, giving everybody only a couple of days to place a plan in play and get the arrangement off the ground.

This time, as opposed to meeting digitally or in her home state of Florida, Sadie and her family would get to meet the renowned chef in Las Vegas at his eatery Hell’s Kitchen, flying the nation over only two days after Sadie had a medical procedure to have a port removed. The only concern left was how the family would get Sadie to Las Vegas without ruining the surprise, and as every good parent can relate – it was nothing a little white lie couldn’t fix.

“We told Sadie that her dad (a former racecar driver) was doing an honorary lap at the Vegas racetrack and since Sadie had never flown and…I said, ‘You know, I don’t want you flying if I’m not there and your dad said fine, you can come too,’” Dutton said. “Like, I made this whole to-do!”

The genuine reason the entire family was in Las Vegas was revealed after they showed up on Friday, May 20. In the lodging, Sadie was shocked by a framed photo of the chef with a note reading: “Your dream is…coming true!!! Sadie, You are FINALLY meeting Gordon Ramsay at Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday!!”

The incredible moment between Ramsay and Sadie that occurred on Saturday, May 21, was caught on camera by her family as Ramsay entered the feasting area of the café to welcome the young lady before she began gushing with tears.

Sadie’s experience in CDF had her pondering how she could keep paying the kindness forward to other kids who might be encountering something similar to her. In the wake of getting her own caricature finished and finding a love for art. She was inspired to do the same for other kids.

As for Ramsay, Sadie’s anticipating meeting him again and clashing with the gourmet specialist in a mystery box challenge. But, who knew that the fiery chef had another side to his coin!

This story syndicated with permission from My Faith News

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