“That’s Insane Stuff”: AOC’s Plan to Provide Abortions on Federal Lands Ripped Apart

Now that Dobbs has returned the abortion issue to the states, some of which are now using that power to end the abortion regime within their borders.

Or, at least, they’re trying to do so. As red states struggle to act in the way their votes want, Democrats are already plotting to usurp that power and use the massive tracts of land owned by the feds to provide abortion access in red states, at least so long as a Democrat is in charge.

Particularly, AOC and Elizabeth Warren, both of whom have melted down over the recent Dobbs decision, are leading the charge for the feds to use their land to provide abortion access to women in red states.

That insane, far-left idea was just ripped apart by Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida, who slammed the idea that the government would be using federal land for abortions while also not opening it to drilling for oil, calling it “ridiculous” and “crazy”. In his words:

[T]hese ridiculous policies like using federal lands to conduct abortions on, that’s insane stuff. They won’t give federal lands for drilling for oil, you know, the thing that will help every mom in America. It’ll help every dad in America. They won’t do that, but they’ll open it up for abortion.

“This is a crazy policy from a party that has completely lost their mind and has followed the radical left down a rabbit hole. No, I don’t think it’s going to work for suburban moms.

“Because suburban moms are concerned about how much it’s going to cost them to fill up their tank, they’re concerned about how much it costs to put food on the table, and they’re concerned, is their child actually getting an education or are they getting an indoctrination? And that’s where the radical left is taking us and they don’t like it, just like no other voter in America likes it.”

And it’s not just red staters like Rep. Donalds that are against the plan. Even White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre sounded off on the plan while flying on Air Force One to the G7 Conference in Spain, saying:

“We understand the proposal is well-intentioned, but here’s the thing: It could actually put women and providers at risk.

And importantly, in states where abortion is now illegal, women and providers who are not federal employees, as you look at the federal land, could be potentially — be prosecuted. And so this is, as we understand why they would put forward this proposal, there’s actually dangerous ramifications to doing this.”

If even Team Biden, which has been engaging in a proxy war with Russia after hammering American energy producers, and all the meanwhile has been letting inflation rage, is calling something dangerous, then it might be worth considering that it’s a bad idea. But, of course, it’s still what the radical left is agitating for.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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