The View’s Joy Behar Gives You Your Daily Dose of Stupid!

It’s almost incomprehensible how stupid the ladies on “The View“ are. We know this, right? I mean, almost daily someone says something profoundly stupid, or profoundly racist, or both.

For my money, I’m not sure which one is the worst. Whoopi tries desperately to be outrageous, likely in an attempt to stay somewhat relevant, Joy Behar is a cackling, babbling moron, and the rest of the ladies? Not much better. It truly is the absolute bottom of the barrel for daytime television. What happened to the good old days of Jerry Springer?

Speaking of racist and profoundly stupid, let’s see what happened today! Per Fox News:

“The View” co-host Joy Behar said Wednesday that gun laws will change in the U.S. “once black people get guns,” while discussing congressional action on gun control legislation. 

Guest host Lindsey Granger argued that people on both sides of the political aisle need to sit down, debate and find common ground on issues such as gun control and terrorism and “make real progress.” 

Wait, what? Is Joy Behar suggesting black people don’t have guns? For real? Damn, that’s racist!

Well Joy, according to the Guardian:

Americans bought a record number of firearms last year. An estimated 5 million people bought their first-ever gun between March and August, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a trade organization, and that number continued to climb throughout the year. Black Americans saw the highest increase in new gun owners of any demographic, the NSSF found, with gun ownership in the group up by a staggering 58.2%.

Dang Joy, that’s a lot of black folks with guns. Maybe you need to get out more. Maybe stop just hanging out with wealthy, white, coastal libs. Maybe see how normal people live.

Behar said that members of the Republican Party have said that “taking those AR-15s off the market” was a nonstarter for them. “It’s all about the guns, alright,” Behar continued. 

“Let me give you a story,” Granger said. She described a man in Connecticut that witnessed a home invasion at his neighbor’s house. 

She said that the man built his own AR-15 because the state of Connecticut doesn’t allow you to buy them, but that you could abide by their rules to build them. “He has one in his house to protect his family because he never wants to see that happen again. He is a Black man, it’s odd, most AR-15 owners are former military, 35-plus and married,” she said. “They’re not just crazy people.”

Wait, I thought the “good guy with a gun” thing was a myth?

Full disclosure, I’m a middle-aged white guy from Kentucky. I’m not insulated by any means, but my town had one black family. During the course of my life, I have lived and worked with countless black people. I worked in metro Detroit, where I was literally one of the only white people in the building. Literally, almost EVERY black person I have ever had this type of conversation with were gun owners. Legal or not, I didn’t ask, but it’s fair to assume many, like white people, might have a gun or two that they didn’t really ask where it came from.

For these dolts on “The View” to sit there and suggest gun laws won’t change until black people get guns is not only insulting and racist to black and white people, but also untrue. Are white folks going to be so scared of black folks with guns that we change the laws? Hell no! Nice race-baiting Joy!














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