Thieves Tap Into Creative Side, Find New Way To Steal Gas As Prices Rise

The continually skyrocketing gas prices are proving to be tough on people from every conceivable walk of life, including, apparently, thieves from Las Vegas, who have started to get creative and concoct new ways to steal gas, according to a report from Fox 5.

When bad guys start actually applying creativity and work to develop their craft instead of relying on time-tested and approved lazy ways of getting what they want without holding down a job, you know things are getting really bad.

According to information from AAA, the national average for the cost of gas was sitting at around $4.99 a gallon as of Friday morning, though the prevailing price in the state of Nevada is around $5.62. GasBuddy, on Thursday, observed the national average as being higher than $5 per gallon.

“Unfortunately, with the rise in fuel prices, we have an increase in fuel theft,” Lt. Jeff Swanbeck of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told Fox 5 during an interview. “Some gas stations have been hit for thousands of gallons and they will continue to go back until the tank is drained. That is thousands of dollars in losses for these gas stations and sometimes it almost gets to the point where it puts them out of business.”

A report from The Daily Wire has revealed that thieves in Sin City have started modifying trucks through the use of intricate internal piping, which can allow them to steal thousands of gallons of gasoline.

From a location that is being kept under wraps, local law enforcement officers showed Fox 5 several pickup trucks and trailers they confiscated that have the modified internal piping systems installed.

“These thieves are very sophisticated,” Swanbeck went on to say. “They will take a truck that looks just like a normal truck, like a freeway service truck, and there is intricate [piping] inside them.”

“One makeshift horse trailer was seeking to arbitrage fuel prices by bringing several tanks to neighboring California, where costs are currently above $6.40 per gallon. Police are arresting those stealing the gas, as well as those modifying the vehicles,” the Daily Wire reported.

“If somebody pays with a $20 gift card and they are out there for an hour and a half pumping gas, that should be suspicious,” Swanbeck stated, which should be common sense, but hey, given the day and age we live in, you can never assume someone’s intelligence. “If something looks funny or if you see anybody open the side of a gas pump, let the clerk know, let authorities know.”

This whole mess our country is experiencing right now can be placed on the sagging shoulders of President Joe Biden, who had barely set foot in the White House before he signed an order to shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline last year, according to the Daily Wire.

Of course, Biden’s administration claims that allowing fuel prices to soar might end up being a good thing, stating that it might provide extra motivation for America to transition to renewable energy sources faster.

Is this why the president is dragging his feet when it comes to issuing oil and gas permits? Probably.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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