Uvalde Mom Who Jumped Fence to Save Her Son Says She’s Being Harassed by Cops in Her Home

A mom who was handcuffed by cops outside Robb Elementary School before managing to climb over a fence to reach her two sons says she’s now being harassed by police who come to her home.

Angeli Rose Gomez rushed to the school, where her son was a student when she heard about the shooting which left 19 children and two teachers dead.

Cops were waiting outside the school to stop parents from going in to help their kids escape, but authorities didn’t enter the building to eliminate the gunman, Salvador Ramos, 18, for a disgraceful 77 minutes.

When she arrived, an officer told her to move her car and stay away, but Gomez was determined not to abandon her kids, and it was clear nothing was being done to help them.

Frantic parents including Gomez battled with cops to try to get to their children. Cops even handcuffed her to stop the frightened mother from attempting to enter the building, but Gomez managed to convince an officer to take the cuffs off.

Other parents were pepper-sprayed, tackled, and manhandled.

As soon as she was able to, Gomez ran to the school to save her kids, jumping the fence.

As soon as they [police] take me off the cuff I see his arm like, give me a little gateway, because I’m little so a little gateway where I can just run,” she told Fox 29.

The heroic mom first rescued her eldest son and some of his class before trying to break into a door to get to the younger boy.

Police told her to “calm down”, but the frantic mom said she wasn’t stopping until both her boys were safe. She said she “immediately started evacuating that classroom and my son runs out to me and he’s like, “Mom, Mom!”‘

But since the shooting, Gomez has said she has experienced harassment from cops, who faced widespread criticism for the time it took them to intervene during the shooting.

According to Gomez, a cop car arrived at her family home one evening and “parked at the corner, flickering us with his headlights”. The mom was then called by a cop who warned her that talking to the media could result in legal trouble for her because of a minor criminal charge on her record from a decade ago.

She alleges they also told her she would be charged with a probation violation for obstruction of justice should she continue to tell her story to the press and criticize the police.

But the brave mom said she wouldn’t stop telling the truth and exposing the police’s cowardice and failings.

Gomez now lives separately from her two sons as the harassment has worsened to the point that she is considering filing a lawsuit.

Her lawyer, Mark Di Carlo who is also representing numerous other Ulvade parents said police chief Pedro Arredondo should have been “fired immediately” for his decision not to enter the school to help the children, and the fact that he wasn’t is an “indication of corruption or wrong-doing.”

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

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