WATCH: The Day Kamala Almost Became President!

Let’s be clear, I’m not about making fun of super old people when they fall, take spills, etc. It’s just mean, even when it’s our ancient Commander in Chief.

There are numerous memes and gifs circulating of hot wheels Biden tipping over on his Huffy like a stiff breeze blew him over, but I swear I don’t watch any of them!

The nation SHOULD be very concerned about old Joe tooling around on his ten-speed. If something really bad were to happen, the alternative is Kamala Harris, and that is truly terrifying. If you think Biden commands ZERO respect on the world stage, imagine how Harris will fare. Yikes!

Hot Rod Biden seems to have escaped serious injury, but according to one high-profile sports doctor, he got lucky. Let’s get the details.

Per Outkick and Dr. David Chao, MD:

President Joe Biden took a leisurely bike ride in his home state of Delaware and as he came to a stop to greet supporters, he fell awkwardly on his right side. As an orthopedic surgeon, I know that this is the type of dangerous fall in which the elderly can easily break their hip.

As a sports medicine expert and orthopedic surgeon, I also analyze video for injuries at Sports Injury Central. Although this bike “accident” is not pure sports, the clear video is amenable to analysis.

Considering Biden had his biking gloves, helmet, and spandex on, I think old Joe might consider this a “sports” injury.

What is even more shocking is Biden actually ran into any “supporters”. My assumption was his only supporter was squarely on the banana seat in the form of an athletic one.

This type of spill could happen to anyone. Due to inertia, falling is certainly easier at slower speeds.  It is hard to keep balance at very slow speeds. Biden places his left foot down for balance as he stops. As he shifts his weight to the right side, his foot gets caught in the toe cage attached to the pedal and he can’t get his right foot down in time. Thus, he tumbles onto his right side/hip. The video does not show how he lands. Perhaps he was able to react quickly enough to brace his fall and thus avoid hip fracture.

Biden does seem to have reasonably strong bones since he avoided a break. Hip fractures are more common in elderly women due to osteoporosis. He does seem to have age-appropriate reaction time, but at age 79, no one is as facile as they once were.

Hmmm, more common in elderly women? Any way we can get Nancy Pelosi to dust off her Schwinn and join Joesph on his next trek? Ok, that’s mean, but I can’t be the only one thinking it. Though I suspect Nancy is more comfortable on a broomstick than a two-wheeler.

This may come as a surprise, but the mortality rate in people over 50 in the first year after a hip fracture is approximately 1 in 3, even with surgical fixation and the latest medical advances. Of course with increased age and co-morbidities, that rate is even higher. 

The bottom line is that Biden was lucky to have avoided a hip fracture, which is a very serious injury. 

Look, to be serious, it’s good Biden wasn’t seriously injured. This country, and specifically the Republican party needs Biden in office through 2024. The only way to truly reset the political landscape and right this country is to allow Biden to spin his two wheels for another two years and then chain up his bike after the 24 elections.




This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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