“We Don’t Have Any Power”: Levin Raises Interesting Point about the Dobbs Decision

Conservative commentator Mark Levin, appearing on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the Supreme Court’s recent Dobbs decision, made an interesting point about what the decision really shows.

Pushing back on the idea of the Supreme Court being an all-powerful entity, Levin instead suggested that the court’s decision represented a return to only deciding cases based on what the Constitution actually says, rather than on the personal preferences of the justices.

Making that point, one that flies in the face of leftist screeching about the Supreme Court abrogating power for itself and attacking a fundamental right in the Constitution, Levin said:

The Supreme Court has been shooting from the hip on abortion now for about half-a-century. And that’s why you have all these cases keep working their way to the Supreme Court from federal district courts, and so all these pro-abortion groups constantly litigating to prevent the states from having any regulation whatsoever.

And let’s be clear about what this decision says. This decision says something really unique in American history. We have a very, very powerful body, the Supreme Court, saying, ‘we don’t have any power.’ When’s the last time you heard Congress or the president or the bureaucracy say, we don’t have any power, so we’re going to give this authority where it belongs, back to the people in the states?

It’s that simple. They’re interpreting the Constitution. It’s not taking anybody’s rights away. It’s not giving rights to anybody. First of all, God does that. But, that said, there’s 50 states for a reason. We’re not a parliamentary system like in Canada, like in France. We have 50 states for a reason, 50 legislatures for a reason, so that decisions can be made by the people in these states.

Setting up that argument, Levin also noted that the word “abortion” is nowhere in the Constitution, saying:

Here we have what’s called the Constitution of the United States, not the tax code. It’s not Obamacare. It’s very simple. It’s about 5,000 words. And you can look all you want. The word abortion is not in there. And it’s never going to be in there, unless they add to it.

While the point about the Supreme Court saying ‘we don’t have any power’ might be the most interesting from Levin’s monologue about the Dobbs decision, his funniest comments came earlier, when he dismissed everything the Biden and corrupt news media has so far said by making fun of Biden’s law school record and pointing out an obvious but not much remarked upon fact about the speediness of the mainstream reaction to the opinion, saying:

First of all, we don’t need lectures from Joe Biden, who plagiarized his way through law school. He has no idea what’s going on.

Secondly, the media in America are so thoroughly corrupt. They haven’t read Roe v. Wade or the subsequent Casey decision or even this decision. And, thirdly, neither has Pelosi or Schumer, because they come right out of the box.

Excellent points from Levin, all of which together show why the left is so upset about the decision and the bold step back toward federalism that the court has taken with Dobbs.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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