WH Press Sec Asked About Inflation Crisis, Her Answers Are Pure Lunacy

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre gave some answers that seemed to demonstrate she and the current Biden administration are not living in the same reality as the rest of us after being pressed Monday about the current economic crisis unfolding across the country.

Perhaps whatever is causing the potential cognitive decline of President Joe Biden is contagious and has infected Jean-Pierre and other members of the administration leading to an egregious and alarming increase in ineptitude?

Just a theory to mull over.

According to TheBlaze, when Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy finally got a chance to ask Jean-Pierre some questions, he came out Babe Ruth style, swinging for the fences, tossing out an inquiry about the current downward spiral of the stock market.

“President Biden once bragged about the stock market hitting ‘record after record after record on my watch.’ How about now?” Doocy asked, pointing out that “all the gains from President Biden’s time in office have been wiped out.”

TheBlaze then pointed out the significance of the question saying, “around the same time as the press briefing, stocks officially entered ‘bear market territory,’ which means the S&P 500 index has fallen 20% or more from its all-time high. Jean-Pierre, however, immediately deflected from answering the question.”

Rather than actually addressing the stock market as the question required, Jean-Pierre went on to blame “global challenges” and noted that other countries are also experiencing inflation, before pointing the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin and the COVID pandemic for problems we’re facing at home.

Here are a few more details on the answers Jean-Pierre provided via TheBlaze:

Shockingly, Jean-Pierre said the White House believes Americans — whose paychecks have less purchasing power because of growing inflation — are “well positioned” to weather the storm, claiming Biden is responsible for “historic gains” in the economy.

When Doocy asked how President Joe Biden would respond to Americans concerned about their shrinking 401(k) accounts, Jean-Pierre continued spouting out-of-touch rhetoric.

Jean-Pierre claimed America has experienced “the strongest job market in American history” (in reality, America remains more than 800,000 jobs below pre-pandemic levels), before touting the American Rescue Plan for creating an “historic economic boom.”

Doocy fired back with a shot of his own, asking, “Didn’t it also lead to historic inflation?”

“No,” Jean-Pierre responded. “That is — that is — that is not — that is not how we’re seeing the American Rescue Plan.”

An analysis conducted back in March by the San Francisco Federal Reserve says otherwise, concluding that Biden’s coronavirus stimulus really is driving inflation.

“Since the first half of 2021, U.S. inflation has increasingly outpaced inflation in other developed countries,” the study revealed. “Estimates suggest that fiscal support measures designed to counteract the severity of the pandemic’s economic effect may have contributed to this divergence by raising inflation about 3 percentage points by the end of 2021.”

You can’t really blame Biden and Jean-Pierre for providing insane answers to this issue that make zero sense. After all, they were under the delusion that just willy-nilly printing Monopoly funny money and pumping it into the economy would have zero consequences.

Such is the ignorance of the left when it comes to basic, high school level economics.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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