What Singer Christina Aguilera Wore To Pride Parade Is Both Sick And Cringe

Singer Christina Aguilera had a number of outfit changes during her performance at the L.A. Pride event, but none of them got more attention than the one where she sported an enormous green strap-on dildo.

I mean, yeah, that’s definitely going to grab someone by the, uh, by the…eyes. Or something. Hard to forget an outfit like that. Oops. I didn’t mean it like that. Oh boy.

Anyway, according to the Daily Wire, the 41-year-old pop superstar performed several of her older hits during the event, which took place at Los Angeles State Historic Park last weekend.

All jokes aside, it’s pretty sickening that Aguilera wore a sex toy as part of her outfit at a pride event. And those in the LGBTQ community wonder why so many folks associate sexual debauchery with Pride Month? How often do you see kinky stuff like this happening out in public?

People parade around naked, sporting all sorts of leather gear, in front of children, and we’re not supposed to immediately think of perversion and grooming behaviors when “Pride Month” rolls around?

That’s not realistic.

Check out further details from The Daily Wire:

Aguilera showed off all the colors of the rainbow by donning a red PVC vinyl outfit for “Dirrty,” a neon green and yellow bustier for “Bionic,” a yellow showgirl number for “Lady Marmalade,” a blue fur shrug while covering Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” a pink bodysuit with flamingos during “Car Wash,” and colorful Pride flag garb for “Beautiful.” 

The outfit getting the most attention, however, is her green structured breastplate molded with muscles, complete with a bedazzled dildo strap-on. The singer performed her hit “XXX” along with Kim Petras while wearing the controversial outfit. She and Petras both fondled and stroked her faux appendage while singing.

As you can imagine, the responses to this vulgar display were a bit on the mixed side.

One user on Twitter asked, “Is that what Pride is about?”

“I’m curious to know how many gay folks are proud of that display. Speak out. Let everyone know that being gay does not mean being lude and lascivious in public. If it does, then I withdraw my support and I bet I’m not alone,” another person replied.

Aguilera also took an opportunity to use the performance as a means of slamming Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, which many critics have referred to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The aim of the legislation is to prevent teachers from providing instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity between K-3 in public school classrooms.

Aguilera left the stage and a video montage slamming the bill played for the audience to watch.

“While describing the bill, the montage failed to note that the rule only applied to K-3 and said discussing sexual orientation and identity was now forbidden in schools. The crowd booed while dancers held signs emblazoned with the words, ‘Say Gay,’” the Daily Wire reported.

Just before she started her performance, the pop sensation took a moment to reflect on her apparent status as a “gay icon.” I didn’t know that a straight woman could be an icon for the homosexual community, but alrighty then.

“I’m all about people standing up for what they believe in, which is why I think the LGBTQ+ community feels connected to me,” she went on to write. “We’ve all come from struggle; we’ve all had to fight to be heard,” the singer stated in a letter shared with People.

“I feel safe with [LGBTQ fans] to express myself however I want, whether it be through a huge ballad or something super sensual because they appreciate it all,” she added. “I get to be as colorful and loud as I want to be. They’re my people.”

Boy, there’s a lot packed in that little paragraph at the end, but you know, I think I’ll just end things right here.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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