Whoopi Goldberg wants major ban that could step on Constitution, report violaters and throw them in jail

The host of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, hinted Wednesday that people should report and police should arrest anyone carrying an AR-15 rifle and likened it to what “women are facing” if they seek an abortion. Some critics argue that a ban like this could be considered unconstitutional towards the Second Amendment.

The guest host Tara Setmayer has tried to mention that, in these conditions, it would not be an easy task to ban guns in a country where there are “more guns than people.”

“It actually is easy,” Goldberg commented. “It is easy, but the things that you could say to people, which we don’t say on this show, the things you could wish on people, that we don’t wish on this show to people because we know, we’ve all met people who have had to deal with the death of a loved one at the hands of a gun,” which implies that they’ve been holding back.

She declared that the people who do not see the necessity of banning the AR-15s weapons, “one gun,” she pointed out, “will never see the need to make sure people get [mental] help.”

Setmayer claimed that even after banning the AR-15, the people can, in fact, still use handguns, as was the case in the Virginia Tech shooting, per reports.

“A handgun does not turn people to dust,” Goldberg responded.

Sunny Hostin affirmed that there were clear results after assault weapons were made illegal, “mass shootings went down.”

“It’s the guns, it’s the guns, it’s the guns,” Joy Behar repeated.

Goldberg stated that their suggestion was to “take a gun” out of “the plethora of guns.”

“What happens to the black market then?” Setmayer asked, claiming that this type of weapon, the AR-15, are actually the most popular weapons in the country.

“I’ll tell you what happens. The same thing that happens that is being threatened to women who decide maybe I need to go talk to somebody about an abortion, where they say, report them and we’ll put them in jail,” Goldberg replied. “That’s what.”

Setmayer said that it should be implemented and enforced.

Goldberg argued that the Republicans should be about as aggressive on gun control as they are on being pro-life and protecting the unborn child.

Goldberg also said the following: “And also, I don’t want all your guns the way you don’t want to take away all my rights to abortion. I don’t want all your guns. I want that AR-15. I want it. And we’re going to vote it out so it’s not going to be acceptable…Keep whatever else you got, get rid of the AR-15.”

“Alito says abortion’s not in the Constitution, well, neither are AR-15s. So I guess the Constitution doesn’t cover them, either,” Goldberg said. “Life is so sacred, then stop using guns to abort young lives. Stop using guns.”

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