A Little Birdie Told Me Seattle Audubon Society Has Gone Woke

In the latest decline of common sense and heightened wokeness, the Seattle Audubon Society has decided to join in on the bandwagon and hold the person who is long gone deceased accountable by removing his name from the organization he founded from the Seattle chapter of the Audubon Society.


To become more woke and move toward what the Seattle Audubon Society considers to be more “inclusive,” they have decided to drop the Audubon name from the organization’s Seattle chapter.

This decision comes on the heels of an ongoing national trend toward rectifying racial disparities, which have come under fire in the past several years. The Board of Directors of the Seattle chapter passed a resolution unanimously to change the name on July 14, 2022, stating that the process to change the name will be a “thoughtful and inclusive” process. A new name for the Seattle Chapter has not been decided upon as of yet.

The Audubon societies named after John James Audubon were formed posthumously. Well-known for his paintings and descriptions of U.S bird species in his work “The Birds of America,” the society’s Board is now more concerned with his little-known history of buying and selling slaves and what they have defined as his contributions to “white-supremacist thought and policy” and his “opposition to the abolition of slavery”.

Claire Catania, the Executive Director of the Seattle chapter, said, “The shameful legacy of the real John James Audubon, not the mythologized version, is antithetical to the mission of this organization and its values. Our members, volunteers, and staff are focused on a future where the perspectives and contributions of all people are valued—especially those who have been systemically excluded. 

“Knowing what we now know and hearing from community members how the Audubon name is harmful to our cause, there is no other choice but to change.”

President of the Seattle chapter Board of Directors, Andrew Schepers, said, “This decision is another down payment on our 2020 Strategic Plan commitment toward building a more equitable and just organization. I’m so proud of the leadership of our staff and volunteers in driving this change forward. It will not be easy, but neither is accepting the status quo of continuing to glorify and mythologize a white supremacist. 

“We are here for the birds, the people, and nature, not to defend a harmful legacy. We’ve got too much good work to do to let this continue to stand in our way. Our organization has a bold history of over a century of activism and impactful conservation. Our work will require all hands and voices to more fully serve our communities today and into the future. Complacency towards antiracism is not an option if we are to fulfill our mission.”

The largest group to still hold Audubon’s name, The National Audubon Society, recognizes the negative association attached to John James Audubon; however, they will not commit to changing its name now or in the near future. Despite the negative connotations associated with the founder’s name, the pandering to political theater is eroding our history in every aspect of American life — statues, buildings, namesakes — and many of us wonder when do we stop and say enough is enough?

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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