Black Lives Matter Rages Over Deputy Using Taser On 15-Year-Old Male, But Here’s What They Aren’t Talking About

There are currently two civil rights groups in the state of Florida, including Black Lives Matter, calling for an independent investigation to be completed after a female Polk County Sheriff’s deputy was forced to use a Taser on a 15-year-old male during a domestic disturbance at a motel located in Davenport, according to a report from WTVT-TV.

Of course, conveniently, while BLM rages about the tasing of the teenage boy, they aren’t telling you what he did to earn the actions of the deputy, and let me assure you, they are very much deserved.

According to TheBlaze, the deputy was attempting to try and get the teen under control after detectives stated that he had beaten, shoved, and even bit his girlfriend who was also seven months pregnant. The sheriff’s office then told WTVT that investigators also revealed the couple was engaged in a heated argument concerning a cell phone when the incident happened on July 8.

The girlfriend in this case is reportedly 19, several years older than the suspect.

After the teenager was hit with the Taser, investigators stated that the teen continued to resist arrest.

“Outspoken Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said during a Wednesday news conference that when Sgt. Shanon Gaylord arrived at the chaotic scene, the male teen was uncooperative when she tried to put him in handcuffs, WTVT reported. Judd added that when the 15-year-old male threatened three times to punch his deputy — and that he’s bigger than her — the deputy used her Taser, the station added,” according to TheBlaze.

Judd then stated his sergeant actually employed a great deal of restraint during the incident, noting that he would have already tased the young man way before she did.

Well, you know, this might be a sexist remark by our culture’s standards, but women are typically more gracious and understanding than men are, so it’s not hard to believe she exercised a bit more self-control. Too bad the teen in question didn’t see the opportunity he was being given and get control of himself.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

“However, the Poor & Minority Justice Association and Black Lives Matter Restoration Polk accused the sheriff’s office of excessive force and unjust charges in the incident, the station said, and said the teen was suffering a mental breakdown stemming from a developmental disability,” the report said.

But then the groups actually argued the cellphone video that was captured by the teen’s mom is proof that he wasn’t a threat when he was tased.

“Actions taken by Sgt. Gaylord [were] unjustified and unlawful,” the organizers went on to say during a jointly held press conference.

And the teenage suspect, after being cuffed, told Sgt. Gaylord, “Take these cuffs off, so I can beat this b****’s a**.”

” WTVT said the teen faces charges of battery on a pregnant individual, assault on a law enforcement officer, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting without violence, and resisting with violence. The station added that he has no prior convictions for battery or assault,” TheBlaze reported.

Here’s a video of the rather wild encounter:

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