Bombshell! Why Is Chinese Cell Technology a Threat to American National Security?

There are certain things that protect us as Americans. The world’s most powerful economy, (at least it was, thanks Brandon!), the world’s most powerful military, our strategic position in terms of being bordered by vast oceans to the east and west; it would be very difficult, if not impossible to invade the United States.

Let’s not forget about our advanced technology, as we are able to intercept any air bound threats, missiles included and mostly neutralize them before they reach our shores. In short, we are bulletproof. Almost.

In a scenario that could come straight from a Hollywood spy movie, you know, when Hollywood made good spy movies, China appears to be making a sly move that could potentially disrupt our nuclear arsenal. Let’s check with Outkick for the shocking details:

A bombshell report paints a dark picture of China’s capabilities to disrupt America’s nuclear arsenal.

The FBI has reportedly determined that Chinese produced Huawei tech and cellular equipment is “capable of capturing and disrupting highly restricted Defense Department communications, including those used by US Strategic Command, which oversees the country’s nuclear weapons,” 

Not going to lie, this is scary. If a foreign power, especially a nuclear power, whether it be China, Russia, or North Korea were able to disrupt our ability to launch a counterattack, the States would be left exposed to massive destruction. Just one strategically placed warhead on the West coast could kill millions of Americans.

Part of the purpose of having a massive nuclear arsenal is NOT needing it. Simply the threat of using nukes has kept our enemies in line basically since WW2. No one WANTS to use nukes, but if a country like China KNEW we couldn’t retaliate, what’s to stop them from lobbing one into the mainland United States?

The determination was made in-part after China wanted to build a massive garden at the National Arboretum in Washington DC featuring a massive pagoda that could have held Huawei tech.

The tech has been found near military bases in the Midwest on cell towers, according to the same CNN report.

The tech has been used to provide internet and cell access in rural areas, but the federal government is now attempting to get rid of it given the massive national security concerns.

China has denied any allegations the tech can be used for nefarious purposes.

To be honest, Huawei Tech sounds like a company that made cheap boom boxes in 1987. If only. This company is manufacturing technology that could potentially be used to end us!

Of course, China is denying any intent to use the technology against us. What did anyone think they were going to say?

“Oh yea, America, you know about that cell technology? Dang, you got us! You win this time, Capitalist pigs!”

Of course they are going to deny! Just look at the facts! They wanted to build a massive facility in Washington, and just coincidentally the tech was being used on cell towers NEAR military bases in the Midwest, where not coincidentally, America has most of our nukes housed!

Busted! China needs to be taken to task for this high-level chicanery! Communist China is not our friend! I know Hollywood, and the NBA in particular love to spend China’s money, but this tech and any like it moving forward needs to come from our friends and allies before China slips something devastating inside our border, and we are left to pay the price! Hold Communist China responsible before it’s too late!

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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