California Gov. Newsom Drops Explanation For Attack Ad On Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis have been trading verbal punches over a number of issues recently, including the coronavirus vaccine mandates, abortion, and education.

In one corner you have a perfect example of what it looks like to be a borderline commie-leftist in Newsom, while in the other corner you have a prime example of what it means to be a true liberty-minded conservative Republican. These two really do embody the ideologies they believe in, which is why their battle is really the fight between two halves of America.

According to Newsmax, Newsom made a few commercials in Florida that were put out on the Fourth of July where he stated, “Freedom is under attack in your state” making a not-so-veiled reference to the state’s book bans, limitations on the murder of pre-born children, and voting restrictions.

“Republican leaders — they’re banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech in classrooms, even criminalizing women and doctors. I urge all of you to join the fight, or join us in California, where we still believe in freedom,” the commercial continued.

Newsom revealed that the ads in Florida were motivated by the push DeSantis made to stop the COVID vaccine mandate for the Special Olympics competition that was to be held in the state last month.

The state of Florida threatened to fine the Special Olympics $27.5 million if they did not get rid of the COVID vaccine mandate before the 2022 USA Games set for the city of Orlando. Officials did eventually give in to the demands.

“He did something that tipped me very directly, and that was going after the Special Olympics. I had an emotional response to that,” Newsom stated during an interview with The Sacramento Bee. “That led to the consideration of doing something a little bit more expressive and that was the determination on the ad.”

“Newsom has close ties to the Special Olympics. He headed the leadership committee for its World Games in Los Angeles in 2015, and his mother worked with an organization that helped families adopt children with disabilities. ‘Ron DeSantis’ values on full display: Bullying. The. Special. Olympics.’ Newsom wrote on Twitter in response,” the report stated.

Casey DeSantis, first lady of Florida, fired back in a post on Twitter, saying, “For those who need a reminder … this is why we fight. Isabella competed in the Special Olympics because @RonDeSantisFL stood up and fought for her and all the other Special Olympians who would have been sidelined. We will never stop fighting for people like Isabella.”

Here’s a bit more from Newsmax:

Newsom’s television ads aired in the context of DeSantis signing the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by opponents that prohibits Florida’s public school teachers from instructing students in kindergarten through third grade on sexual orientation or gender identity. Florida’s Department of Education has also rejected 41% of math textbooks they believed were promoting critical race theory (CRT).

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, DeSantis signed a law banning abortions after 15 weeks without exception for rape or incest. A state judge temporarily blocked the law, calling it unconstitutional.

Newsome then said during his chat with the Sacramento Bee, “What the hell’s going on in this country?”

The California Democrat later stated he would not run for president in 2024 but wouldn’t rule out paying for ads in other states across the country.

DeSantis, a man with fire in his gut and a steel spine, fired back at Newsom’s ad by saying, “California is driving people away with their terrible governance.”

He then claimed that many of California’s major cities have been “destroyed with drugs and crime and homelessness.”

I think Newsom should be a lot more concerned with the terrible condition of his own state before insulting DeSantis who is doing a fabulous job in Florida. Get your own house in order before you tell someone else to clean theirs. Sort of basic human decency, but that seems to be something Newsom is in short supply of.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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