CNN Anchor Jake Tapper Discovers What Americans Really Think About Biden’s Work In Office…His Reaction Is GOLD

During an episode of “The Rubin Report” on TheBlaze, host Dave Rubin, along with James Lindsay, Libby Emmons, and Elisha Krauss chatted about a recent poll from CNN that reveals President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have hit an “all-time low.”

And given the horrific impact of inflation on our economy, high gas prices, the border crisis, and all of the other issues that have been caused by the current administration, it’s honestly not shocking that folks on either side of the political spectrum have started to despise Biden and his policies.

According to TheBlaze, “On ‘The Lead,’ CNN’s political director, David Chalian, told host Jake Tapper that Biden’s approval ratings have hit a new low in CNN polling, tracking well below former Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and George Bush for having the “right priorities” at this point in his presidency.”

The report went on to reveal, “According to the poll, the president’s overall job approval rating is at 38%, while his disapproval rating stands at 62%. At least 82% of Americans think the current economic conditions are “poor,” only 30% approve of how Biden is handling the economy, and a mere 25% think he’s doing a good job of tackling inflation.”

Tapper then commented on Biden’s abysmal approval ratings by saying they were a “somber outlook for the state of our nation” before doing his best to act as if the results from the poll were just absolutely shocking, though if you look at his face, he appears to be anything but shocked by the latest opinions of the American people.

The lesson here is that Tapper should never, ever play poker. He says far too much with his facial expressions to be able to bluff anyone under the table.

It’s impossible not to giggle at the way Tapper reacted to this news. He knows, in his heart of hearts that Biden is doing a horrific job as the president. It does not take a genius to see that is true, as many other polls have been conducted over the summer months, all coming to the exact same conclusion as the CNN poll.

However, it’s clear he still had some marching order to contend with, thus he was not allowed to just say what he really thought or felt about these numbers, instead being forced to just roll with the narrative.

The radical left really seems to think the vast majority of average voters in this country are stupid and won’t notice how they are trying their best to hide the truth and spin yarns concerning the administration and how it is faring.

Really, though, from a logical perspective, what other choice do they have? It’s the midterms this year. If they don’t attempt to ignore the negative polling, it would be an admission that leftists’ policies don’t work — which is true — and that would lead to massive losses come November.

Since the Democratic Party wants to preserve control over the House and Senate, that would be very, very bad. Hence the desperation. Unfortunately for them, it might already be too little, too late.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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