CNN Rips Democrats To Pieces Over Funding What They Call ‘Far-Right’ Candidates

John Avlon, a host for CNN, ripped into Democrats Tuesday, going on to issue a challenge to the party’s new strategy of backing “far-right” candidates in the GOP primaries around the country, especially when their opponents are not supporters of former President Donald Trump, hoping they will turn out to be far easier to beat in November’s general elections.

Boy, the Democratic Party is always looking for some kind of way to skirt around things in order to stack the deck in their favor, aren’t they? These people are the definition of slimy. Notice the one thing they could actually do to be more attractive to the American people, which is to change their stances back to center-left, is not even an option these folks will consider.

They will lie, cheat, and steal before doing good for the American public.

According to The Daily Wire, “Avlon joined the hosts of ‘New Day’ and he noted that Democrats had been responsible for a number of major ad purchases targeting anti-Trump candidates in recent weeks, apparently hoping that they could help prop those candidates up through their primaries. Then, when independent voters went to the polls in November, the hope was that they would see a choice between a Democrat and a far-right Republican and opt for the former.”

“Anchor John Berman introduced Avlon, asking about the reported ad buys and noting that Democrats were effectively promoting pro-Trump Republicans in the hopes that they could effectively rig the primaries because they believed anyone tied to Trump would have a more difficult time beating a Democrat in a general election,” the report continued.

“There’s a lot of righteous talk, especially from Democrats, about how we need to build the biggest possible coalition to defend democracy,’ Avlon kicked things off, pointing out that the members of the GOP who had only recently been hailed by Democrats as ‘profiles in courage’ for taking a stand against former President Donald Trump and casting a vote to impeach him were the ones who were actually being targeted by this strategy.

“Talk is cheap, and the reality is that those brave folks, including Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, have been taking a lot of fire from the left and right this year,” Avlon went on to say. “And the most recent example is Peter Meijer, a young Army veteran and rising star from Michigan. A man whose independent-minded, common-sense conservative principles perfectly fit the district once held by Gerald Ford. But yesterday, with one week until his primary, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee decided to drop more than $400,000 ad buy in his district to boost the name of his Trump-backed far-right primary opponent because they believe he’d be much easier to beat in a district that Biden won in 2020.”

Avlon then referred to the move as “incredibly cynical and hypocritical” due to the fact that it assumes Democrats are not willing to engage Republicans in a fair fight should an anti-Trump member of the GOP take a victory in any of the upcoming primaries. He then broke down why this strategy is actually a very dangerous one.

“It’s incredibly cynical and hypocritical, and also part of a trend — Democrats trying to meddle in Republican primaries, not to aid honorable Republicans but to try to kneecap them,” he went on to add. “It’s a dangerous game to play because, with the gravitational pull of the midterms moving away from the president’s party, there’s a non-zero chance that some of the more extreme candidates could win, despite being objectively worse fits for their districts.”

“Look, I get that politics ain’t beanbags, right?” Avlon stated in conclusion. “But some principles are bigger than partisan gain. Instead of focusing their primary political efforts on punishing the 147 members of the sedition caucus, Democrats are targeting honorable outliers like Peter Meijer. Unfortunately, he’s not alone. Take Adam Kinzinger and John Katko. They both voted to impeach Trump. Both represent blue states Illinois and New York. And in that once-a-decade redistricting, Democrats essentially erased their districts.”

At the end of the day, Democrats are scared to death that they are going to end up losing big this fall. And they have good reason to worry. Their party’s policies have failed the American people miserably.

Our nation is being obliterated by inflation. The price of gas is so high you have to nearly chug an entire bottle of tequila to ease the pain as you watch your bank account being drained before your eyes.

Couple this with concerns about education, the ridiculousness of the COVID restrictions, an many other factors, and it’s clear why so many Americans are fed up with the radical left.

Pulling shenanigans isn’t going to stop what’s coming. There’s a red wave building in response to the failures of the Democratic Party. It’s better to just accept it and let it happen.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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