College Girls Will Be Forced to Sleep in Rooms With Men Under Biden’s IX Reforms

The Biden administration is determined to undermine the safety, security, dignity and happiness of American girls and women.

Not content with biological men being able to use women’s locker rooms, toilets and even take away their chance of succeeding in college sport by forcing them to compete against men, now young women who go to college could be forced to share a room with men for the duration of their studies.

The Department of Education has proposed even more amendments to the Title IX bill which forces colleges and schools to treat trans students as though they are their chosen gender identity.

While Title IX first came into fruition in 1972 and aimed to stop schools discriminating (mainly) against women in sports or other school programs and legislated against sexual harassment in schools, it has, under Biden and any wokes, been disfigured beyond recognition.

Now, schools or colleges could lose their federal funding if they don’t allow trans students to act as though they are their chosen gender. This includes using locker rooms, participating in sports teams, and using the bathroom of their choice.

Under the proposed new additions to the trans rule book, colleges will be forced to allow biological men who identify as women (no matter for how long they have identified as a woman or if they’ve ever received any hormone treatment), to sleep in rooms with women.

This is because the proposed rule expands the definition of “sex” to include “gender identity” – or the sex the individual feels that they are.

If a college rebels, it could potentially be slapped with a lawsuit or lose its funding. Likewise, students who dare to object to sharing a room with the opposite gender could also be issued an IX complaint which could result in their expulsion from their course.

When Title IX was first drawn up in the 70s, it aimed to protect schoolgirls and college women from sexual harassment.

The new amendments to the Title seem in direct contradiction with this. In reality, women who are forced to undress, sleep and share bathroom and shower facilities with men will not only feel highly uncomfortable but are also being put in the path of potential danger.

So far, the new rules provide no exceptions to who can suddenly change their gender identity. Potentially, an individual could claim to have changed identities the day before, and a college would be forced to allow that man to sleep in a room with young women.

It comes after the controversy surrounding Upenn male-to-female trans swimmer, Lia Thomas who has been allowed to race and beat biological female student swimmers since he began identifying as a woman at the age of 19.

Earlier this week, Thomas’ teammate Riley Gaines told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson she felt “uncomfortable” about being forced to share a locker room with an individual who had “different parts”:

That’s not something we were forewarned about, which I don’t think is right in any means, changing in a locker room with someone who has different parts,” she said on Tucker Carlson Today.

So not only were we forced to race against a male, we were forced to change in the locker room with one,” she added.

Feminist groups are urging Americans to stand up for women’s rights as Title IX threatens to send the female race back to a time of male-rule:

Women have fought long and hard for equal athletic opportunities,” said women’s rights group, Independent Women’s Voice.

“Ignoring the physiological differences between male-bodied athletes and female-bodied athletes will inevitably erode some of those gains”.

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

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