Daycare worker shoots husband, claims he molested children (video)

A daycare worker has shot her own husband over allegations that he had molested children at the daycare center, according to court documents. The shooting took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C. on the eighth floor. Cops responded to a call that said the woman barricaded herself inside one of the rooms where she shot her husband in hopes to paralyze him, not kill him, in hopes to teach him a lesson and protect children, based on reports.


Court documents provided even more information, saying the cops arrived and started talking to her through the door. They identified her as Shanteari Weems, 50, of Randallstown, Maryland. Cops wanted her to get out of the room, but then she claimed she might shoot herself in a suicidal rage – but luckily, she did not.

Cops said that Weems said the man inside the room had indeed been shot and claimed that “he’s a child molester.” Weems shot him in the head and leg, but claims she only wanted to paralyze him, not kill him. He was taken to a hospital, but it’s unclear what his condition was or if he passed away.

Of course, the allegations against the victim might be unproven, so we need to state that accordingly because they, as of now, are only allegations. This is because we can’t just believe something someone says after they shoot someone. We need to PROVE it because we’ve all seen how unreliable some people are, just look at Amber Heard for example. However, there’s more to the story to at least back up her claims a little bit, but are best reported by Fox5DC:

The victim then shouted to the officers that he was inside the room and had been shot in the head and leg, to which Weems responded by telling him to “shut up” and threatening to kill the victim.

Police eventually made entry into the room and immediately detained Weems. They said they found two handguns inside the room, one was in Weems’s purse and the other was found inside an unlocked safe in the room.

Court documents claim that while Weems was detained, she revealed more to officers on the scene about her relationship with the victim. Weems claimed that she had been married to the victim for five years and that they live in Baltimore.

Weems also revealed that she owns a childcare center in Baltimore County and that she had recently received multiple calls from parents of the daycare accusing her husband of molesting their children.

Weems allegedly then told police that she did not want to kill her husband, instead just hurt him. She did, however, tell police that she wants to kill herself.

Police say they found a letter inside the room, allegedly written by Weems, which reiterates that claim. The letter adds that Weems was hoping to paralyze her husband and that she wants justice for the kids at her daycare.

This has sparked the term “FREE HER” to trend on social media because she’s being hailed as a “good guy with a gun” or in this case, a “good girl with a gun.”

If the man really did molest children, then the woman is a hero and should be released immediately. If not, then she’ll spend a very long time in prison.

Photo: Screencap of Youtube video.

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