Dick Morris Makes Major Prediction Concerning Whether Trump Will Run Unopposed For The GOP Nomination In 2024

According to Dick Morris, a political strategist and host on Newsmax, former President Donald Trump, while not having made an official announcement concerning his candidacy for president in the 2024 election, is not only going to give the White House another go, but he’s also going to run unopposed for the nomination.

That seems like a very bold prediction, especially seeing as there are quite a few ambitious individuals in the Republican Party who are probably wanting to run who don’t care much for Trump and feel it’s their mission to thwart his political endeavors.

Morris, who penned a new book called, “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024,” stated during the Tuesday edition of “Wake Up America,” on Newsmax that “Not one of them is going to run,” when he was asked about the other potential candidates who have been mentioned in connection with the 2024 race, which also includes folks like former secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“In the most recent poll, by McLaughlin Associates, had Trump at 59% of the vote, and DeSantis at 15%,” Morris went on to say. “When have you ever seen a poll like that?”

According to Newsmax, “In his book, which was officially released Tuesday and already tops Amazon’s bestseller list under the category of United States and Local Government, Morris writes that Democrats are trying to use the Jan. 6 hearings to discredit Trump. Morris said that Democrats are trying to write him off as they say, ‘Trump is irretrievably damaged, which he is not, and therefore [Republicans] have to look for a different candidate.’”

“What they’re doing is floating other names, and it’s kind of an ego presence to those guys,” Morris stated during the interview. “And they’re very happy to say, Well, you know, I will cross that bridge when I come to it, so they can get more ink and more TV time. But when push comes to shove, none of those guys or women are going to run.”

Another bold prediction from Morris in the book is that if the Republican Party does not choose Trump as their nominee for 2024, it will be “doomed.”

Morris then stated that Trump will have his pick of whoever he wants for his vice-presidential candidate, but it will most definitely not be former Vice President Mike Pence.

“Trump doesn’t need anybody to strengthen his ticket … it’ll be somebody he can work with and get along with, and that’s the separate test,” stated Morris.

Here’s more information from Newsmax:

Trump’s support is growing while President Joe Biden’s is diminishing, and Morris said that “everybody saw it coming,” but he doesn’t think anyone “could have predicted the absolute catastrophe of the Biden administration.”

Trump will also bring experience into a comeback bid, Morris said.

“The advantage Trump has when he runs, not if, but when he runs, is that every single problem we have is a problem he already saw when he was president,” Morris said. “You know when you run for something, and you throw a negative at your opponent, you say you did this … then they say, How do you know you can do any better? How do you know you can deal with inflation or gas prices or immigration?”

Trump has a “four-word” answer already that no other candidate has, said Morris: “I did it already.”

“There’s no answer to that, and there’s a lot of speculation about romancing with other candidates. The media’s trying to fan the idea that somebody else might run in the Republican primary, but nobody else can say I did it already, and that puts an end to the debate,” Morris commented.

One thing is for sure. Trump still has a very loyal following and has massive influence over the Republican Party. It seems highly doubtful that he will pass up an opportunity to run again. If he does, he stands a most excellent chance of beating whoever the Democratic challenger ends up being, thanks in large part to the massive failures of the current administration.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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