Dick Morris Reveals Tried And True Strategy Democrats Are Using To Takedown GOP

According to political strategist Dick Morris, Democrats are not only sinking tons of cash into propping up candidates they think can defeat Republicans during the 2022 midterms later this year, but they are also helping to fund potential 2024 GOP presidential candidates to run against former President Donald Trump, terrified that his return to the race could spell disaster for the future of their agenda.

This is actually a pretty good strategy. Find individuals within the GOP that are anti-Trump, or just simply “Republicans In Name Only,” and push them with a ton of cash as moderate candidates, in order to take out real, authentic conservatives that would do the country some serious good if they were voted into office.

“I think we Republicans have to basically say that Donald Trump wants this – which he clearly does, and is going to run, which he clearly will – that we have to tell our people, ‘No primary fight,’” Morris went on to say during an interview on Sunday’s “Wake Up America Weekend.“Don’t let the Democrats say, ‘let’s you and him fight.’

“Don’t let them divide and conquer. Don’t let them drain the resources of our ultimate candidate by setting up primary fights that go nowhere,” he continued.

Morris then pointed out that former President Ronald Reagan had some major benefits during the 1980 presidential campaign from Democrats who were attempting divide President Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy, according to Newsmax.

The political strategist then noted that Democrats have even gone so far as to provide funds for GOP primary candidates, which they confessed to doing during past primaries, attempting to give money to the individuals they believe they can beat during the general elections in November.

“The Democrats have hit on the strategy of how to defeat Donald Trump, and we’re watching it unfold in front of our eyes: They are doing the best they possibly can to get people to run against Trump in the Republican primary,” Morris stated. “They’re hyping [Florida GOP Gov. Ron] DeSantis. They’re hyping [Texas GOP Sen. Ted] Cruz. They’re hyping Nikki Haley. They’re doing everything they can to foment a primary.”

“And this is of a piece of a new tactic the Democrats adopted in the ’22 election – the one we’re in the middle of now. In five different primaries, [Democrats] spent $44 million to try to intervene in the Republican primary and elect the candidates they wanted to run against – maybe the ones easier to beat, the ones with less money,” Morris remarked.

“And now, in the same concept, they’re intervening in the nominating process of the Republican Party,” he added.

Morris said the first step in the process for the Democrats has been the Jan. 6 Select Committee, which has been working around the clock to create a narrative that makes Trump the villain in the story as a means of getting some in the GOP to spend money to beat him after the second impeachment attempt failed to prevent Trump from running again.

“First of all, the Jan. 6 committee’s basically aimed at weakening Trump so other people get into the race against him,” Morris explained during the interview. “And now they’re hyping that DeSantis really can win, and that Haley can win, and that other people can win.”

As of now, Trump has not made an official declaration concerning a second run at the White House, though a lot of evidence and speculation seems to lean in the direction that is going to happen.

However, this strategy is not dependent on whether or not Trump runs for office. This is going to be the plan no matter what. Thus, we as conservatives need to be aware of who is paying for the campaign expenses of folks vying for our ballots.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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