Florida AG Tears Biden A New One Over Biden’s Handling Of Border Crisis, Then Issues Warning

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody came out swinging for the fences against the Biden administration, criticizing them for their absolute failure in handling the border crisis, going on to issue a warning that the situation is spiraling into the “destabilization of our structure, our civilized society.”

“It’s unbelievable,” Moody said during an interview with The Daily Wire held at the Florida Republican Party’s Sunshine Summit. “I was personally there and watched them come in, wave, smile, walk right up to law enforcement, knowing that they’re just going to get processed and released into the United States. And those are just the ones that we are intercepting.”

Moody then took a deep dive into the dangers posed by the drug fentanyl, warning, “It is an incredibly dangerous drug. You can overdose just by having contact with someone and inhaling it or touching your face after you’ve touched it on someone else.”

According to The Daily Wire, the attorney general then pointed to an incident involving West Point cadets overdosing on a substance that local law enforcement believe was a mixture of fentanyl and cocaine.

“A responding officer even overdosed, he was just trying to help,” she went on to say about the situation.

“In the last two weeks since July 4th, we’ve had two mass overdose incidents, one in Hillsborough County where officers rolled up and seven people were unconscious because of fentanyl at a convenience store,” Moody remarked. “And in Gaston County, we had 19 people overdose in a weekend. Nine died. Last year they didn’t see one death.”

Moody went on to point out that the incidents are related to what is happening at the southern border.

“China sends over to Mexico, to the cartels, the precursors to make this. There are super labs in Mexico that make this. It’s incredibly dangerous. People die in Mexico making it and then the criminal cartels bring it straight across the border,” the attorney general said.

Here’s a bit more from the Daily Wire report:

As the prices of household items are skyrocketing partly because of supply issues, drugs are “bottoming out” because there is such an “abundance of supply,” she said.

Moody described a discussion between two drug traffickers captured during surveillance in October 2020 when one reportedly said things were drying up at the border, prices were going sky high, and nothing could get in.

“That’s October 2020,” she went on to emphasize. “Now, summer 2022. It’s dirt cheap.”

“It’s the only thing in America that’s dirt cheap because there’s no supply issue,” the Florida Republican said. “The priorities of the administration are so messed up that folks can get meth cheaper than they can go out and get some of our basic commodities for living.”

Moody then slammed the Biden administration for their failure to enforce the law and stated this then trickles down into every major issue.

“If you have executive officials that don’t enforce the law, you will see mass chaos and crime,” Moody stated during the interview, making the claim that Americans are now seeing a “destabilization of our structure, our civilized society.”

Moody then promised she would keep fighting in court to ensure Florida law is upheld and enforced, battling against the Biden administration so they can’t use “non-elected bureaucrats within the executive branch to push policies down into Florida that they have no power to do.”

“You see what happens when we are given the ability to apply the conservative principles of a free market and conservative purse and all of the things that we believe in in Florida,” she concluded. “We are a model for conservative leadership and conservative policy, limited government. And how, if faithfully governed that way, your society will thrive.”

The border crisis is just a tool in the hands of the Democratic Party to try and bolster their voter rolls in time for the midterms and the 2024 presidential election, playing with our nation’s demographics to ensure they have all that is necessary to stay in power indefinitely.

Here’s to hoping Republicans take back Congress this fall and prevent that from happening, applying pressure to the Biden administration to finally do something about what’s happening at the border.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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