Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Shreds Students Wanting Loan Cancellation In Epic Rant

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld recently delivered an epic rant against students who want their student loans forgiven during an episode of “The Five,” and it’s brutal in the absolute best way possible.

According to The Daily Wire, back in the early part of May, Gutfeld tore into New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for coming out and pushing for student loan cancellation, referring to her as an “entitled sponge.”

That might be one of the most ridiculous and yet fitting names AOC has ever been called. You know, I’m starting to see why Gutfeld has the highest rated late night talk show. The guy is hilarious, sharp, and good with words.

So, on Thursday, Gutfeld kicked off his rant by saying, “Why send your kids to college, your loving kids to college, when they return turning against you and biology? You’re actually ruining brains. … All of those people paying off student loans— they probably worked nights to do it. This is a slap in their face.”

“This is like being in a restaurant and ordering your dessert and then eating it and paying for it and then suddenly they announce a pie-eating contest,” he zinged.

“You’re getting American taxpayers to pay for a gift that benefits Democrats who don’t need it,” Gutfeld continued. “So, this isn’t like welfare or unemployment or food stamps. It’s a gift you and I pay that is given to upper-class white art history majors who can then spend that money they would’ve spent on the loan on holidays in the Hamptons.”

The talk show host then offered up his own suggestion, saying, “So my solution is if you wanna forgive that stupid debt, take it from the colleges. Since they’ve tripled the tuition the last thirty years and their education sucks, do not take it from us, ‘cause I swear to God if you do you will see a real insurrection.”

“You’re actually stealing money; you’re stealing money from people and giving it to people. This is redistribution; but it’s not even going to the poor,” Gutfeld stated, before turning his attention to President Biden: “He’s actually taking money from people to bribe people to vote for him. This is a moral wrong. This is the worst thing. It gets me so mad. Every time I think about this it makes me so angry ‘cause it’s actual theft, and they think they can get away with it by saying, ‘It’s only ten grand here, and it’s only this, oh, these students they can’t afford it.’”

“Oh, they can afford it,” Gutfeld went on to charge. “If you can afford a car payment you can afford your college payment. It’s roughly the same; the average is like $250-270. Give it to the truck drivers that pay off their payments. You dope. So disgusting. You make me sick.”

“And I don’t even know who I’m talking to,” he ended his rant.

This is honestly the best segment I’ve heard yet about the whole idea of canceling student debt.

It’s not the responsibility of the rest of the country to help pay for someone else’s schooling. There are plenty of blue-collar jobs available, many of which lead to careers that make significantly more money than what can be made at a white-collar job.

However, the reason so many young people aren’t snapping those jobs up is because it’s manual labor. It’s hard work, often physical work, which this generation seems to think is beneath them. It’s arrogance to the max.

Let’s hope that Gutfeld’s words actually do shake up some folks who think it’s okay to steal money from others in order to pay for their education.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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