GOP Senator Obliterates FBI, DOJ Over Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson took an opportunity over the weekend to rip apart both the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for what he called a “stagnant” investigation into the “potentially criminal activity” that could be contained on Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop.

Of course, we all know from the last few years that the FBI seems to have been infiltrated by a whole lot of folks who are more interested in pushing a specific political agenda rather than doing their job as law enforcement officials. The FBI targeted former President Donald Trump the entire time he was in office, putting politics above their actual jobs.

So, it’s not really all that surprising to see them drag their feet when it comes to look into Democratic President Joe Biden’s son and the potential connections both have to shady business deals with foreign entities and individuals.

“Our FBI, our Justice Department hasn’t really done squat,” Johnson stated during an appearance he made on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Johnson has made countless arguments that the laptop in question, which was abandoned by Hunter at a computer repair shop in Delaware, contains some serious and significant information concerning the aforementioned business dealings that amount to Hunter selling political access to his father while he was serving as the vice president during the Obama administration.

“To me, there seems to be all kinds of potential criminal activity on that computer,” the Wisconsin senator went on to say Sunday. He then added the DOJ and FBI have repeatedly failed to “answer our questions about potential conflicts of interest” when it comes to a variety of the material found on the drive.

“They don’t even let the U.S. Attorney in Delaware answer our oversight requesting terms of [whether] people have been recusing themselves,” he continued. “So, there’s an enormous cover-up going on here.”

“I don’t think they’re rigorously investigating this,” Johnson stated, speaking of the FBI and DOJ, “I’m concerned they’ll be involved in the cover-up as well. Even if they do indict, I fear they will seal the records, and the American public will never get the full truth.”

Johnson went on to say later, “I think the American people deserve the truth on this because Joe Biden is certainly compromised.”

The Wisconsin Republican mentioned that Hunter Biden seemed “highly concerned” about payments going out to people that might be “connected to an east European prostitution or human trafficking ring.”

Here is more information from Just the News:

Johnson says the treatment of Hunter Biden and his laptop by the U.S. law and intelligence apparatus is a demonstration of the “two-tiered justice system.”

The system that Hunter Biden is a part of, he said, is “one that will cover up for Democrats and their powerful friends, the elites.”

Johnson is right on the money. There definitely seems to be a two-tiered system of justice in this country. If you happen to be a well-connected, wealthy liberal politician, it seems you can get away with murder. Literally and figuratively.

In order to repair the public’s faith in the justice system we’re going to have to start by ensuring that everyone is truly equal under the law, and that those who break it, no matter how wealthy or politically connected, still face consequences for their actions.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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