Griner Can’t Catch a Break; Even NBC Doesn’t Care!

Some things you just don’t do, right? Or shouldn’t at least. Pet stray dogs, pick at scabs, scratch it, run from the cops, smuggle hash oil into Russia. Ok, the last one is new to the list, but JUST as obvious as the others.

Former WNBA star Brittney Griner found out the hard way about the last one. I say “former” because it’s looking more and more like Griner will be cooling her Jordan’s in a Russian jail cell for about a decade, potentially.

While many in the sporting community have been outspoken about Griner’s justified detention, the White House has been notoriously, and conspicuously absent from most of the conversation. Who could blame them? Joe Biden is busy falling off bikes and ruining the country. That’s probably a full-time job.

Now, celebrities outside of the sports world are starting to weigh in. Even “B” list celebrity artists like Macy Gray. Gray has her own problems as she is dealing with offending the entire solar system with her description of what a “woman” is recently. Just kidding, she only offended the blue check mark Twitter libs, but that’s almost as bad.

Recently, Gray and her band (she has a band?) attempted to make a political statement on the “Today” show on NBC in support of Soviet Britt, and NBC didn’t respond well. Check this out from Outkick:

Macy Gray says NBC blocked her and band members from wearing “FREE BRITNEY GRINER” t-shirts while performing on the Today Show.

Billy Wes, the keyboardist for the band, told TMZ that Today producers demanded he turn his shirt inside out to hide Brittney Griner’s name before performing on Thursday.

“They said I couldn’t wear it,” Wes explained.

Gray also told reporters that she planned to wear a shirt pressuring America to do more in bringing Griner back to the country.

Oh man, so close! Had Macy and her band been able to wear “Free Brittney” t shirts on the “Today” show, it might’ve made all the difference. I’m sure Joe watches the “Today” show, since he is 100. My mom loved the show, and they could’ve gone to school together, so just guessing.

Being serious, it’s surprising that an ultra lib network like NBC shut down something as innocuous as t shirts in support of Soviet Britt. What’s the harm? It’s not like Macy Gray is a major superstar trying to make a statement. She is just someone that doesn’t know what a woman is.

Gray did not say why NBC prohibited the shirts for the performance.

Though Today didn’t allow the band to make a political statement about Griner, it did make Gray answer for recently challenging the idea that a man can turn into a woman.

“Just because you go and change your parts doesn’t make you a woman, sorry,” Gray said on Monday in an interview with Piers Morgan.”

What a woman is … I would say a human being with boobs. How about you start there? And a vagina.”

Well Macy, from my years of research in the field, I would say you are onto something there. But what do I know? I am just a middle aged, straight, white man. Yuck. I’m the worst!

It might be a while before Macy Gray shows herself on network television, considering she apparently can’t catch a break. Wonder what happens first, Macy comes back on the “Today” show, or Britt is back in her hated home country. We can only wait and see.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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