Here We Go Again! Mask Mandates Returning in Some Schools Because, SCIENCE!

Sometimes you have to ask questions. One of my favorites is “if something works, why didn’t it work”. I often throw this question out to any family and friends that continue to defend masking.

Predictably they can’t answer. At least not with anything that makes sense. Most of American society is done with masking, and realizes that it did nothing to help “stop the spread”.

Unfortunately, some places just refuse to follow the data and have jumped back on the failed mask mandates. My day job workplace is one of them. Didn’t help before, won’t help now.

Unfortunately, school systems were the last real segment to let go of the mask nonsense, and now with school rapidly approaching, some school districts are jumping back into the fray, as if the last couple failed years never happened.

I’m ashamed to admit one of my home state’s schools have decided to join the woke, anti science movement. Check out the details from Outkick:

General mask mandates for most of the country have all but ended.

What they are doing however, is forcing masks back onto children in schools.

While it has seemed like this inexcusable policy would mostly be limited to far left areas, the most recent announcement comes from a much more surprising city; Louisville, Kentucky.

Starting Monday, July 25th, Louisville schools are now requiring masking at all facility locations and on buses.

This is truly disheartening. I have very close family members that do some of the decision making in regards to Covid policy in the schools in my home county (no I’m not mentioning it!). Though I have no school age children, we still have discussions over this daily in my household.

The fact that Louisville is going back to masking kids, who are at almost zero risk from serious illness from Covid is maddening, infuriating, and disheartening.

There is so much data available that clearly indicates that masking is useless, especially in schools, it’s indefensible that this is going to be forced on kids again.

Louisville joins San Diego schools, who also announced a mandate of their own recently.

Incredibly, that mandate was defended by a local official who claimed that students who can’t or don’t want to wear masks should just not come to school.

How can an educator say that kids who are in summer school (and are already behind) should just not return to school if they don’t want to wear a mask? The educators are supposed to be smart, caring people. This is the equivalent to just sayin ‘to heck with them’!

Of course, we almost expect this type of behavior from a blue city or state such as California. After all, California has been anti science through the entire pandemic, insisting on continuing to do what we know doesn’t work.

Despite having a Dem governor in Kentucky, the Bluegrass state is deep red. The Dem Gov is an outlier.

I am keenly curious to see the pushback from parents in the Louisville metro area. It needs to be fierce.

There is simply no justification for continuing to mandate masks in schools.

While it’s unsurprising that cities in California or New York or Illinois will inevitably bring back mandates to assuage their own fears, it’s disturbing that a city in a red state like Kentucky would also return to forced masking.

Parents in these areas might have assumed that their children would be spared from this ineffective, destructive policy. But Louisville shows once again that the commitment to anti-science appeals to authority is possible anywhere.

It’s coming folks. The mask, anti data brigade is coming, masks in hand. When will we stop allowing this borderline child abuse?

When will school boards be held responsible for the damage being done and the learning being lost?

Not until parents stand up, refuse to mask their children, even hire lawyers to fight these draconian mandates will we have a shot at ending this nonsense.

Apparently data, science, facts and past experience aren’t enough. This damage has to end!


This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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