Illinois Bleeding Revenue to Florida, Governor Doesn’t Care!

It’s a strange phenomenon, how Democrats can’t get out of their own way, isn’t it? From bad policy, to supporting wacky, far left causes, to simply undermining the American way of life at every turn, Democrats just can’t seem to get right!

Of course, in the bigger picture this is a good thing for America. As more Americans see the damage Democratic policy and leadership is doing to our country, they are taking note.

The proverbial chickens WILL come home to roost, we just have to hope we still all have pots to cook them in. The Way Brandon is handling the economy, we might not be able to afford chicken.

Recently in Illinois, another wacky lib state, with a wacky lib Governor, the aforementioned Governor J.B. Pritzker made some pretty curious comments about business and businessmen fleeing his crumbling state. Check this out per the Free Beacon:

Illinois Democratic governor J.B. Pritzker celebrated the departure of two GOP billionaires and one of the state’s biggest businesses in remarks delivered last weekend to a group of Democrats gathered in the Sunshine State.

Pritzker opened remarks at a Florida Democratic Party event by calling Ken Griffin, the CEO of hedge fund Citadel, a “spoiled rich kid” and arguing that Griffin’s decision to relocate his company to Florida stemmed from disappointment over his preferred gubernatorial candidate’s loss last month in the Republican primary. “Griffin announced he was taking his toys and leaving Illinois,” Pritzker told the Tampa Bay crowd. “Again, really sorry about that.”

Wow! J.B. Pritzker reminds me of the kid in class that gets in trouble but can’t stop mouthing off no matter how deep of a hole he’s digging for himself. Not a smart fella.

I can’t say for certain, but I’m sure the 15 or so people gathered at his Democratic event in deep red Florida probably were also a bit puzzled by his stubborn tact.

Griffin, who was not long ago the richest man in Illinois, cited Florida’s lower crime rate and more hospitable business environment as reasons for the move, which cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars in annual income tax revenue. A spokesman for Citadel said that the hedge fund’s employees paid more than $1 billion in taxes to Illinois over the past decade.

So, when a businessman like Griffin makes a compelling financial and social argument for moving his business from a crumbling, dangerous blue state like Illinois to a state with lower taxes, lower crime, and way more hospitable weather (ever been to Chicago in the winter? BRUTAL), like Florida, the best Pritzker can come up with is to name call? Good one J.B.!

While his remarks drew attention from the mainstream press, Pritzker’s comments about Griffin and another billionaire, former Illinois Republican governor Bruce Rauner, were largely overlooked.

Pritzker mocked Rauner, who moved to Florida in 2018. Rauner, whose net worth is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions, paid $50 million in state income taxes in 2016 alone. “He’s your problem now,” Pritzker said. “Sorry about that.”

Yeah Florida! Take that! Hope you suffer with all of the extra tax revenue! That’ll show you!

It’s incomprehensible that a Dem Governor can be that tone deaf and clueless as to celebrate their state LOSING millions in tax revenue, as well as possibly thousands of jobs. But then again, Democrats don’t really care about regular people, despite what they pretend.

A spokeswoman for Pritzker did not respond to a request for comment about whether he celebrates the departure of all billionaires from Illinois, or just Republican business leaders.

Pritzker faces reelection in November against Republican Darren Bailey and is rumored to have presidential aspirations.

My, my that would be delightful, wouldn’t it? To see a blustering buffoon like Pritzker, throw his oversized hat into the presidential arena in 2024. Even the husk of Joe Biden would likely defeat this guy.

Once again, the good guys win. Florida gains, in tax dollars and jobs, while Illinois and their leftist leadership loses. Let’s hope for the state, and the city of Chicago that Darren Bailey can pull off the upset and J.B. can take his show right out of Illinois. Maybe to Florida? Nah, he would hate it there anyway.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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