Joe Rogan Makes Hilarious Joke Over Woke Policies In California…Guess How Leftists Responded?

The outrage mob on the radical left threw one of their usual temper tantrums this week after world famous podcast host Joe Rogan cracked a joke on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast where he mocked California’s soft-on-crime policies.

I guess it’s still not registering in the minds of the left — not a surprise considering most of these folks seem to only have one functioning brain cell and it is on life support — that these policies are responsible for the surging crime rates in cities all across California and thus should not be supported by folks on either side of the political spectrum.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, Rogan and comedian Tom Seguar chatted about the growing problem of homelessness in Los Angeles during a segment of the podcast, with Segura pointing out that it’s actually illegal to try to move a homeless person’s property, even if it is cluttering up an area and causing issues.

Here’s the exchange via The Daily Wire:

JOE ROGAN: And then we’re on the underpass and there’s porta potties, not one either, like four, like a deck of porta potties. And then someone has a car parked there on the sidewalk, like partly on the sidewalk, so they’re like half blocking a lane. And then they have like, a canopy draped over their car, and they have stacks of shit. And the next day, it was a dresser. They had a dresser. So they had their shoes in a shoe rack. There was a shoe rack, like this where they live.

TOM SEGURA: That’s really wild. I didn’t know also that, you know, when you see stuff like that on the streets, at least in Los Angeles or California, that’s protected property. Like by law. That’s that person’s property by law.

ROGAN: Oh, a homeless person’s property is protected?

SEGURA: Absolutely. If you were to try to move that or take that—

ROGAN: You’d get arrested. Hilarious. But they wouldn’t arrest you if you shot somebody. Maybe you should just go shoot the homeless people.

SEGURA: I like your ideas.

ROGAN: And if nobody claims it. I mean nobody does anything about violent crime in LA anymore. It’s a f***ing joke. They’re just letting people out.

What Seguar was referring to was a federal court ruling that prohibited the city of Los Angeles from either removing or destroying any personal property that belonged to a homeless individual, which included “bulky” items such as shopping carts or mattresses without providing a warrant or notice.

And, of course, a leftist then flew off the deep end and just had to go off about the joke that was cracked, attempting to earn a few more cool points with the woke kids by virtue signaling on Twitter, because we all know, the only real way to fight against the injustices of the world is to do so from behind a keyboard in mom’s basement.

Liberal Hollywood rag Variety attempted to push the whole “cancel Rogan” garbage by contacting community leaders in L.A. who work with homeless people that then went on the record to bash on Rogan and make the erroneous claim he was promoting violence.

Guess we’re just supposed to allow folks to break the law with no consequences.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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