Liberal MSM FINALLY Realizes Dems Have Lost Hispanic Vote to GOP

A major, historic shift has taken place, and Biden’s leadership seems to have sealed the deal. Hispanic voters are abandoning the Democrats in favor of straight-talking GOP candidates. The shift is now so obvious, the left-wing media has finally been forced to acknowledge the reality.

The change in Hispanic voters’ political leaning has been dubbed the “biggest political story of our time” and could prove highly significant in future elections. It signifies a major change in the values – both socially and politically – minority communities believe the two parties stand for.

Hispanic voters are stereotypically working class and live on a low-income bracket. They aren’t averse to working hard provided they can, understandably, reap the benefits of their labor.

While the Dem’s traditional voter would have fitted these characteristics, now many salt-of-the-Earth Hispanic voters are beginning to feel that the Democratic Party is more representative of the white, middle class champagne socialist who can afford to bicker about dreamy, woke issues which they feel have no bearing on their lives.

You can’t argue with the stats. The Dems are fast losing the support of the Hispanic community, and data shows they are now “statistically tied” with the Republican Party when it comes to Hispanic votes – an entirely new phenomenon in US political history. Many polls are even suggesting that the GOP has over half of the Latino vote, with a Marist List survey in May suggesting only 39 percent would now vote Democrat.

It is what Giancarlo Sopo, a descendent of Cuban exiles who ran Trump’s Hispanic-voters’ campaign in 2020 has called a “once in a generation type of political realignment”. He said the party has been infiltrated by “elites” and “radicals” who no longer care about the practical concerns of the working classes or the culturally and socially conservative mindset of the Hispanic voter:

They’re economically different. The social and cultural values are very different. Your average Hispanic tends to be far more religious and traditional in their cultural views than your average Democrat. So, I think if you understand the cultural transformation that we’ve seen on the Democrats, where they’ve become a lot more radicalized, and at the same time Hispanics… don’t just believe in the American dream. We personify it,” said Sopo.

He added that the Dems focus too much on “victimhood” and “inequality” while many in the Hispanic community don’t relate to that narrative:

“Hispanics are really succeeding in America, the Democratic message just does not appeal to Hispanics,” she concluded.

Political analysts from Axios say that the Democrats have for too long taken for granted that ‘progressive’ or identity politics will automatically appeal to minority groups.

According to Axios’ report and in direct contrast with the views of many white, middle class liberals, statistics show that Hispanics living near the US-Mexico border are more likely to be in favor of tighter border controls – a traditionally Republican standpoint:

They don’t like the idea of people crossing over illegally, while many Hispanic families had to wait sometimes over a decade to come into this country the right way,” explained Sopo,

“Even on immigration, we have very nuanced views. Yes, I’d say most Hispanics want to find some kind of legislative solution, especially for the DACA kids. But at the same time, Hispanics also like having a strong border, safe communities.”

But the left-wing media is panicking, and when the left panics, it attacks.

Earlier this week, a CNN column suggested that “These GOP Latina candidates are not the real deal”. Last week, the New York Times headline piece entitled “The Rise of the Far-Right Latina”, referenced both candidates.

Can you tell they’re worried? The Dems have been too comfortable with the assurance of the Hispanic vote for too long, said Sopo:

“Liberals have taken our community for granted for too long and think that by pandering to us, with such terms as Latinx, playing Spanish music or seeing us as tacos, it will help them— It is not, and they are just waking up to that reality. Buena suerte [good luck] with that!”

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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