Look What Happened In Second Grade Classroom After Student Shared Pronouns With Teacher

A teacher took to social media recently in order to huff and puff over parents she labeled as “unsafe” after she made the claim that her whole second grade classroom full of students changed their pronouns.

It seems the wackiness is spreading, folks. Stuff like this, true or not, is why there needs to be legislation like the parental rights bill in Florida that was signed into law by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, which forbids instruction on sexual identity for children this young.

Kids are far too easily influenced and often confused by weighty matters such as these. They are not ready to deal with this kind of stuff. Period.

The Postmillennial reported that a video of the teacher was posted on Twitter by infamous — and awesome — user Libs of TikTok, featuring the educator stating that her classroom announced their change of pronouns after one student came up and spoke with her.

“One of my students felt safe enough to share his pronouns with me,” the teacher said. “And when he did so, once the class knew that I knew, they all switched pronouns.”She then went on to reveal that all of her students are second graders. And we all know how emotionally, psychologically, and even physically mature second graders are. There’s no question they can handle thinking through these kinds of serious questions of sexual identity, many of which come with long term, irreversible consequences.That was sarcasm for those who aren’t good at picking up the art in written form.

“Like, I’m torn between being really, really happy to be a safe space, and just absolutely furious that an entire group of second graders has to keep this secret from not safe people,” the teacher stated in the video.

“Why are kids feeling unsafe? And furthermore, why does everyone talk about ‘how are the kids going to understand?’ Kids f*cking understand it. It’s easy for them,” she ranted. “It’s the adults who have all of the frigging and hang ups and bullsh*t. Kids are fine.”No. No, they don’t understand.They just see it on television in their favorite cartoons and shows and do what kids have always done when they see or hear things they like, or think are cool. They emulate. They play pretend. In their minds, that’s actually all they are doing.

However, when you have teachers supporting their fantasies, telling them it’s real, well, you introduce confusion. Once that scrambles everything up inside, they’ll say and do whatever the people they trust tell them to say and do, because that makes the confusion and anxiety go away.

Children are being twisted up by liberals like this teacher and the damage being done to them is significant.

Here’s a bit more from the Postmillennial report:

The video comes as many schools across the country have, whether personally in the classroom or through plans implemented by schools, have hidden student’s change of pronouns, gender, or sexuality from parents.

In one Texas school district, a school counselor was revealed saying that staff were advised not to inform parents of their preferred pronouns or names if the child requests it not to be shared.

“We actually were advised not to tell parents about their child’s preferred names and pronouns if the child asked us not to,” she said.

In Virginia, the Loudon County School Board approved a policy last year that required teachers and staff use a student’s preferred pronouns and names.
In many areas where these kinds of rules are implemented and enforced, if a teacher opts not to comply, they are booted to the curb. Or, at the very least, severely reprimanded.Again, this is not okay. Children are being brainwashed by the leftist media, not just in the form of news, but entertainment. They then hear the same ideas repeated at school and start to believe they are true, as children trust these authority figures not to lie to them.Let’s hope more parents wake up to this reality and take a stand against it.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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