Mainstream Journalism Is Dead, and They Don’t Care That We All Know!

President Trump famously, and correctly coined the term “fake news” during his administration. Of course, that was much to the outrage of the pearl clutching, “well, I never!” media.

Yea you have, you just aren’t as good at lying as you used to be.

We have Trump to thank for unmasking the media, but social media and alternative news outlets have also been important tools in disseminating what is real and what are MSM created diversions.

It’s to the point anymore that they shamelessly peddle lies, and when caught just shrug and often double down on the lies.

The race baiting, half-truths and obvious political biases have become so obvious, that alternative outlets like The Daily Wire and Breitbart are exploding in popularity, often becoming more credible that the major news outlets.

Another of these right leaning outlets, Outkick, had some interesting observations recently. let’s check them out:

Trust in the press reached an all-time low last week. A Gallup poll found that only 15 percent of American adults trust formerly prestigious newspapers, and just 11 percent trust the television news.

Overall, trust for the industry has dropped around 30 percent since 2000. Understandably, most readers and television viewers now dismiss what the press sells as information. 

Yet, media members aren’t handling the erosion of their relevancy well. Consider them in denial as they continue to misrepresent the facts, publish deceptive photos, and choreograph outrage as if they still govern public perception.

It’s interesting that the trust is higher in print versus broadcast. My assumption would be people would be more likely to trust their local television outlets versus publications like the USA Today, and New York Times.

Unfortunately, from what little television and mainstream media I consume, it’s easy for the critical eye to disseminate what is real and what is manufactured. Most in manufactured.

Last week, ABC News headlined an interaction between Democratic lawmakers and Capitol police with a deceitful photograph that suggested aggressive police officers handcuffed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her perky friends away from a peaceful protest.

ABC News had hoped viewers would frown upon Capitol police if they were unbeknownst to the facts: that the Squad sisters pretended to wear cuffs as a stunt after law enforcement asked them to please stop blocking traffic outside the Supreme Court.

Then there’s the New York Times, the big brother of journalism. On Saturday, the Times tried to downplay a story in which a radical loon attempted to stab Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) in the neck during a rally.

First, the paper framed the attack as an unfortunate “confirmation.” A distraught civilian wanted to give Mr. Zeldin a little poke, the Times told followers.

Lies, half-truths, and misdirection. Those are the hallmark of the left, and the mainstream media. Thankfully, there are outlets speaking truth and giving all sides of the story.

One just has to be willing to look and listen. How can you tell what to look for? Look for buzzwords like “sources” and “racism”, and “phobic” and for other indicators such as words like “black’ with a capital “b”, while white stays lower case. I also immediately discount the legitimacy of an outlet when they say “Mr. Trump, or Trump” rather than President Trump.

There are little tells, folks. Little things to watch for to help you identify what’s real and what’s not. Plus, you can always read right here for the truth.

Keep your eyes open and head on a swivel, folks. We can figure this out together!

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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