Mayra Flores Has Perfect Response For Racist Democrat’s Attacks

Last week, Texas Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores proved she has more class in her little finger than the entire team that works at the New York Times after they published a very nasty hit piece on her, referring to her as a dangerous “far-right Latina.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, was a big mistake, because Flores’ response to the whole situation proved, once again, that there is inherent racism beneath the false veneer of wokeness that exists in the Democratic Party.

But it seems the racism is once again rearing its ugly head in a brand-new attack against Flores.

According to TheBlaze, Democratic Rep. Vincente Gonzales, also from Texas, has paid a blogger to refer to his Hispanic opponent as “Miss Frijoles” and a “cotton-pickin’ liar,” according to information contained in a report from NBC News.

Just imagine what would have happened if these comments had been made about someone like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? The backlash would have been swift and terrible. Honestly, it would have been deserved too. Making these kinds of comments is not only unkind but is truly racist.

However, you won’t hear that come from conservatives. It usually only pops out of the mouths of the radical left.

“My far-left opponent, Vincent Gonzalez, hired a local blogger to run hateful & racist ads against me,” Flores posted in a tweet published on Monday.

“But, I love frijoles & I grew up eating frijoles. I am not embarrassed of my upbringings & frijoles w/tortillas de harina is simply the best. Here’s to Miss Frijoles 2022,” she went on to say concerning the verbal assault.

If you ever wondered how to handle the haters in your own life, Flores just put out a clinic. You don’t allow them to get away with calling you names. You own them and the names they use instead. Shrug it off. Move on. Make it a joke. By doing this, you put out the fire they try to start. You smother it of the oxygen it needs to ignite and become something that distracts you from what’s important.

A lot of folks on Twitter were thrilled with Flores’ response.

You know you are getting to your opponent when they are willing to waste money on hiring people to hurl racial slurs in your direction. Flores has proven that conservatism is a system of ideals that goes beyond color or nationality.

One can be a conservative who loves America and still be proud of their heritage, no matter where it comes from. Conservatism teaches that we are more than our politics, race, religion, or any other arbitrary standard.

We are human beings. All of us.

We are all creations of God, and as such, have unalienable rights that no man ever has the right to take away. Flores understands this, as our founders did too, though they were, of course, imperfect men and women, just like we are.

Here’s to hoping much success for Flores in the upcoming election in November, and that her influence would spread far and wide across the great state of Texas.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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