Motorcyclist Left Busted And Bloody After Attack By Radical Leftist Group

A motorcyclist informed local law enforcement officers that a group of violent protesters physically assaulted him from behind, knocking him down to the ground, and damaging his bike as they blocked off a street in Akron, Ohio Tuesday evening, according to a report from local news outlet WEWS-TV.

It will probably not surprise anyone to know that the group that assaulted the man was Black Lives Matter. The group has been gaining a reputation over the course of the last few years for violent behavior, having wrecked many neighborhoods in cities across the United States following the death of George Floyd.

According to TheBlaze, police spoke with the news station and informed them that there were several “agitators” among the group who stopped traffic in the area, one of the individuals that got stopped was the 35-year-old motorcyclist, who cops said was heading down South High Street sometime around 8:30 p.m. when protesters started to threaten him and told him he needed to turn around.

“Two or more people then attacked the motorcyclist from behind, WEWS reported, adding that he was knocked to the ground and assaulted,” the report stated.

“Police said the motorcyclist suffered “significant” facial injuries and that his motorcycle was damaged. The victim drove himself to a hospital for treatment,” WOIO-TV reported.

Here’s a video of the incident, although it was shot from a distance. The clip shows the injured motorcyclist, face and shirt bloody, close up after the attack.

Here’s what you can hear in the clip via TheBlaze:

  • “Turn the f*** around, dumbass!”
  • “You tried to run her the f*** over! If you do it again, I’m gonna knock you the f*** out!”
  • “Get the f*** outta here, bitch!”
  • “Now get on your f***in’ bike and turn it around! If you don’t, I’m gonna hit you again! I asked nicely! I promise you! I warned you! Tryin’ to prove a point to your white friends and got your ass beat!”

Police then stated that after the assault on the motorcyclist, the group of protesters left the area and traveled on to other neighborhoods where they started “causing disturbances, creating safety concerns, and obstructing the flow of traffic.”

“In the video of the attack, one of the protesters uttered the N-word after saying “Jayland Walker” to the motorcyclist — a reference to the black motorist who was fatally shot by Akron police in late June,” TheBlaze reported.

Apparently, Black Lives Matter thinks the only way to handle grievances is to beat the snot out of people and burn down businesses, while also stealing all of their products.

How this group of individuals has not been labeled a domestic terrorist group is absolutely mind-boggling. The damage done by the BLM folk is far worse than anything done during the Jan. 6 incident at the Capitol.

Of course, the left plans to use BLM as pawns to help them maintain power in office and appear relevant to minority voters, so they won’t face any consequences for the destruction they wrought.

Welcome to the two-tiered justice system.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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