Must See! Leftist Rocker “Rocked” by Own Security During Saturday Show

Rock and roll has long been a bastion of free speech, radical ideas, and dangerous characters. If you are of a certain age, nothing was better than pissing your parents off by blaring the newest Van Halen or Aerosmith song from your room.

Politics have long played a part in rock and roll, but usually the politics were left to a select few artists and bands and were usually decrying events in American history that NEEDED decrying.

Vietnam, Watergate, Civil Rights, racism, governmental overreach in the United States, all popular targets for political musicians.

I was never a fan of this type of music growing up. Looking back, I was pretty much a young Republican waiting for the right moment to emerge. I preferred music about girls, partying and cars. In short, I’m a pretty deep and complicated fella. Not, lol.

Anyone that follows rock music the last couple of decades undoubtedly know who Rage Against the Machine is. Rage is responsible for some of the more provocative anti-establishment music of the last 20 years.

Songs such as “Killing in the Name”, “Bulls on Parade”, and “Take the Power Back” became anti-establishment anthems, “raging” against corporate greed, racism, and abuse of power by the government.

My, how times have changed. These days “Rage” spend most of their time making sure all of the ticket buyers at their concerts have their Vaxx papers and have followed the governments orders like good little sheep. Rage suddenly IS the machine it used to rage against.

Legendary guitarist and noted commie leftist Tom Morello is particularly outspoken. A renowned Donald Trump hater, Morello takes every opportunity to espouse his lefty views to his legion of “fans”.

Hilariously, during a show Saturday night one of Morellos fans attempted to rush the stage, and Morello got some instant karma. let’s check Fox News for the details:


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