New Rasmussen Poll Reveals What Majority Of Dems Really Think Of Constitution

According to a poll that was put together by Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute, more than half of Democrats in the U.S. — 57 percent — agree with a statement that says the Constitution “is a document rooted in racism.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why our nation is in such sad shape. Kids are taught this line of thought from leftist teachers in public school from the time they first step foot in a classroom, all the way through their college days.

The end result is a large group of individuals who believe the Constitution is outdated and unfit to be the law of the land that governs our nation. This is why they vote in politicians who feel the same way they do. It’s this unfortunate reality that explains the reason the current Democratic Party crafts bills that ultimately undermine our founding document.

According to Newsmax, a total of 84 percent of Republicans, along with 38 percent of Democrats, and 60 percent of independents all disagree with referring to the Constitution as a racist document.

Check out some other results from the poll via Newsmax’s report:

  • 64% of Democrats agree with the statement that the Constitution “is a sexist document that gives men advantages over women.”
  • 77% of Republicans, 33% of Democrats, and 59% of independents disagree with calling the Constitution a sexist document.
  • 49% of Democrats said the Constitution “should be mostly or completely rewritten.”
  • 77% of Republicans, 47% of Democrats and 63% of independents disagree with rewriting the Constitution.
  • 89% of Republicans have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the Constitution, compared to 74% of Democrats and 80% of independents.

“The Constitution has served as the bedrock for liberty in America for more than 230 years,” Heartland Institute research fellow Donald Kendal went on to say concerning the poll. “To see these poll results, where half of Democrats want to see the Constitution ‘mostly or completely rewritten,’ is disheartening.”

The poll itself was conducted between the dates of July 6-7. A total of 1,025 likely voters were surveyed. The margin of error is around plus or minus 3 percentage points.

When you examine other constitutions and foundational governmental documents from around the world and throughout history, it becomes clear very quickly that the Constitution is truly a work of genius, and honestly, a miracle.

The fact that so many different people, from different walks of life, with different influences, educational backgrounds, and philosophies could come together and create a government that was designed to be chained in order for people to be free and in control is astounding.

Not enough people are privy to how our Constitution was born. They aren’t aware of the intense debate that ensued between Federalists and Anti-Federalists over how much power to grant the federal government.

If they truly understood our history and the philosophy that under girds the Constitution, they would have a much higher level of respect for it.

Unfortunately, leftists in the realm of public education have done a good job of rewriting history, spoon feeding kids false narratives that make our founding fathers out to be villains, rather than complex human beings who had faults and failures just like we do today.

This becomes the focus of study concerning these historical figures, rather than the work they produced. It’s tragic.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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